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Bigheart's Top 5 Anime Series of 2013

Another year gone, another top 5 to post. I actually had fun with most of what I chose, but these 5 were some real good series! Let's show 'em, shall we?

1. Attack on Titan

After a lot of episodes and a huge following, I decided to jump into this series (in the absolute worst way possible: while eating snacks that look like teddy bears). Every few episodes kept being as shocking an harrowing as the battle against the giants that ate most of humankind was becoming. I ended up having fun with this gem; so much that it became my favorite above what most of this year dished out.

2. Day Break Illusion

One of Tom's articles had me interested in the series when comparing it to my top series of 2011, Madoka Magica. It's definitely no Madoka, but the story turned out to be this Magical Girl series that got dark and vicious (to a point) from the very start and went in the right direction. After seeing it, it turned out to be like a real fun journey that blew most of the other Magical Girl releases of 2013 out of the water, despite the efforts the gals went through. This is my Magical Girl series of 2013.

3. Kill la Kill

I didn't pay attention to it at first until the first episodes release and from the jump, (despite both main rivals being ladies) this show has huge balls. The attitude and action in a lot of episodes have kept me viewing and some of the characters were real cool, even Ryuko herself. This show is yet to be finished, but it's got enough quality to end up here.

4. Maoyu

It's definitely not everyday that a demon queen would end up asking you to help end a long war between humans and demons and it turns out that it's for real. The story managed to stick to me and the mains ended up becoming a cute couple. This touched me to end up on this list.

5. Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

I went into this series unfamiliar to Shin Megami Tensei series outside of the Persona games. Turns out that it ended up being entertaining, as dark as it was. Sure, it's not really that good, but one of the better video game based anime out there for having some interesting characters and a rather epic final battle.

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