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Hey, everyone! Master Menos again with the drop on what happened from my picks from the 2013 Winter Anime Season. I still haven't finished some of 'em, but it was fun with my buddy Takashichea of Anime Vice. Most of it was good, but some were dropped because it was some of the worst minutes of my life since peeking at Phantasmagoria and the first two Guinea Pig movies in one sitting. (Neither involve pets. Just pure literal torture to the eyeballs.) Let's get this started, shall we?

Tamako Market (One episode in)

This is also my face when I hear something totally dumb.
This is also my face when I hear something totally dumb.

This slice-of-life series about a gal and her family working in a shop was the first to tackle due to curiosity. The first episode was an big introduction to the family and friends as she goes about her day until a talking bird with a last name that made him look like a hypocrite later on stole the damn show, which actually made things more entertaining. Even though the major plot hasn't kicked in yet, I ended up having a lot of fun with it all. More fun than I thought.

Rating: 5/5 Hearts

Maoyu (Three episodes in)

"It&squot;s a long way, but here&squot;s the map to my bedroom..."
"It's a long way, but here's the map to my bedroom..."

This one also heightened my curiosity after I read about it. This this, in a nutshell is about one hero from a quartet that went to charge after the Demon King and kill him, but gets in a shock when he discovers that the Demon King is really a Demon Queen who states that she wants to end the war a different way since since killing either her or the main Human(s) leading said war would only make things a lot worse than they already are (There's a war between the Humans and Demons mind you). Of course the hero thought she was also Queen of Bullshit Island, but the convincing and the events leading to the hero's decision, as well as their journey so far revealed that this wasn't like the other fantasy series I ran into (in terms of plot so far) made up for a good experience and makes me want to see if she was really on Bullshit Island or if she's far away from it.

Rating: 3.5/5 Hearts

Senran Kagura (Two episodes in)

Hibari (Pink Hair): "Asuka, WHEN will your grandpa stop giving us those suggestive-ass spring rolls? We&squot;ve been eating them for two episodes already!"
Hibari (Pink Hair): "Asuka, WHEN will your grandpa stop giving us those suggestive-ass spring rolls? We've been eating them for two episodes already!"

Well, here we have another fanservice show and I tried it for the hell of it. Here's the gist on the plot (per se): A group of trainee shinobi, including the daughter of a grandmaster ninja (whom I presume to be the very main character) are training to hone their skills, but a dire time might commence when a number of rival ninjas show up. I like how this seems to have more plot than most fanservice shows I've seen, but sadly, it's totally bland aside of the rival ninjas themselves. I'll look into it a bit more, but if it starts to become boring once more, then my time with this is done for.

Rating: 2/5 Hearts

Ai Mai Mi (Two episodes in)

I don't get what's funny about any of this either.
I don't get what's funny about any of this either.

Back on an news article that me and my buddy Takashichea did back in the AV, I picked this as a show that I got excited about from my intuition and thought it would be good. Instead, it became the exact opposite. The first episode had the most ineffective comedic material in all my life as an anime viewer ever and the second only had one good decent joke, and it involved mayonnaise and it wasn't sexual at all. It also tries extremely hard to be funny from its drug-like weirdness, but it ends up critically hindering the experience. My verdict: Stay the actual fuck away from Ai Mai Mi. FAR away.

Rating: 0/5 Hearts

Mangirl (Three episodes in)

"Oh... But you do love me, don&squot;t you?" *blush*
"Oh... But you do love me, don't you?" *blush*

First of all, the title is intended as the fusion of the words “Manga” and “Girl” and does not involve cross-dressing or gender bending of any kind (like what I thought at first). It's actually about a group of amateur mangaka who are starting a magazine on their own, despite their constantly over-zealous leader. If the comedic material for this show and the last one were a street fight, the previous would've been killed in seconds. Actually, Mangirl's material works very well, and even adds a tiny bit of depth to some of the characters. I'm looking forward to continuing with the series after a few days of hard work.

Rating: 3/5 Hearts

That sums up everything for what I checked out for the Winter picks, but stay tuned for the Spring picks, as one of them kept me at edge, another had me in a cute spell and a card game anime that I ran into as I was playing the real game. Until then, stay awesome!

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