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I'm very sorry for my sudden absence. I was getting done with my finals for the quarter.
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Welcome, again to my blog! I recently attended MomoCon 2014 and man, it was fun! Although, I went aggro and visited a lot of places and didn't even have lunch until much later and even met a few friends along the way. The stay in the Dealer's Room was quite long and while I was in the con, my family also had fun and even took a pic of someone as a Minecraft character. Surprisingly, I also ran into a card area and got a few cards and sleeves as well. The stuff that I obtained from there including gifts was...

  • A Bebe / Charlotte plushie (Madoka Franchise)
  • A poster picture of Rue Kuroha from Artist's Alley (it was by Skimlines)
  • DVD sets of Humanity has Declined and the K-On! Movie
  • A “rug-like” plushie of Menchi from Excel Saga
  • A starter pack for Future Card Buddyfight and the Secret Rare version of CEO Amaterasu (a Vanguard card)
  • A Team Rocket Grunt shirt
  • Some Otonano Milk Pocky and Lychee-flavored Calpico (drink) for snacks as I was walking

And here are two of the most notable gifts:

WAY more stuff than I had at my past cons! I hope I don't ever get reckless when I go to a con for the full 3 to 4 days.

The Pictures!

I used a new phone that I had this time and took all kinds of photos! This time, I met up with some Power Rangers, ran into some Kill La Kill cosplayers, found some people from Frozen, discovered a few Madoka characters and somehow screwed up and met Yuno and a SWAT team. Yeah, it was awesome. I feel much stronger because of this and it's not just from the nearly endless walk and the complements I got from my Vocoloid shirt. (That long register line in the beginning of it, though!) XD

Thanks for reading, everyone! It's been too long since I had such fun, especially since my last blog, but I hope to have more times like this in my life. See you guys later!

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