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A while ago, I was a merman-dog that can fly and now I've turned into a lion. Something's not right here...
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Hey there! I'm Bigheart711 (Number Initials Pronounced seven-one-one in case you didn't notice!), otherwise known as "Master Menos". I came here from Anime News Network and now, I'm also here for the wiki edits going on around the Vice as well as the other sites with wikis that I frequent.

Current Situation

I'm editing the wiki for the Wooser's Hand-To-Mouth Franchise! PM me if you want in!

Isn't this the cutest endcard you've ever seen!? <3
Isn't this the cutest endcard you've ever seen!? <3
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Date Joined: Nov. 30, 2009
City: Atlanta
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 42,792 Points
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