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Time to get my Holiday Spirit going!
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Mikoto Urabe. That tan though. XD
2 days, 23 hours ago
Bigheart711 replied to the topic The Ecchi Club on the Ecchi board.
Magnificent Mizugi Week: Mikuru Asahina!
3 days, 19 hours ago
@DBZ_universe: @othus12:Many thanks!
5 days, 20 hours ago
I bought Kingdom Hearts 2.5 on Ebay. Should be coming next week or so. I was thinking of getting Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby.
6 days, 14 hours ago
Do you want to start a Christmas profile contest like old times? I see 3 users having Christmas theme. I'm sorry the Halloween didn't get much response.
6 days, 14 hours ago
Bigheart711 replied to the topic The Ecchi Club on the Ecchi board.
Might as well have fun with this. XDMagnificent Mizugi Week: Len!
6 days, 19 hours ago
6 days, 19 hours ago
Has a cap, but it's not a Santa cap.
6 days, 23 hours ago
I do feel that this is a placeholder page too, sadly. I'm up for deleting the page since it seems better off as a user list topic.
1 week ago
Time to get my Holiday Spirit going!
1 week ago
Nobody is prepared for these booger chains! NOBODY! :DGreat. Acid. There goes most of my HP.I should tell her that they can merge together and eat her whole, but I wont. >:)
1 week, 3 days ago
Episode 23: I agree that the mech imperial arms was a bit much, but the battle ended up being very costly. I personally enjoyed it though. Now we have to deal with the final battle and wheteer Honest died or not.
1 week, 4 days ago
Bigheart711 replied to the topic Ani-Crap Year-End Garbage Poll #2 on the Just Anime board.
Pupa's the worst one of them all. It was so bad, I won't watch their uncensored versions and that's what I normally do.
1 week, 4 days ago
I want one of these in too.
1 week, 4 days ago
Found a 1-Up mushroom from behind a brick block.
1 week, 4 days ago
I broke down after a hard decision between many characters and chose Tomo. My inner perv reacts when seeing her most of the time. @_@
1 week, 4 days ago
Bigheart711 replied to the topic Riku vs. Sasuke Uchiha on the Battles board.
I'm also assuming it's end of series Sasuke, but Riku still takes him out.
1 week, 5 days ago
Bigheart711 replied to the topic Anime Vice's 6th Anniversary on the Off-Topic board.
Here's to many more years of this site! <3 I actually remember one of the former staff members cheer me on by editing and adding to the wiki even though I only knew part of what I was doing back then.@takashichea said:@taichokage:Avatars are like your identities. People think of people with visual cues. You remember the face, but you don't remember the name. Of course, I had that problem in ...
1 week, 6 days ago
Just finished all of Elfen Lied, including the OVA episode. Getting past all the gore and some rather uncomfortable nudity, the story it had was really good and really deep. I'm gonna have to wash that down with something happy after class. @_@
1 week, 6 days ago
Has an avatar that looks like AZ from Pokemon X and Y.
2 weeks ago
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Dream 11 minutes ago
Pupa will be the title of choice I'm covering for my second edition of Year End Garbage for Ani-Crap Review. I will plow through the short stinker tomorrow.
SonNeko 7 hours, 38 minutes ago
Finally the Enbu training has started!
reiyo 7 hours, 57 minutes ago
I'll just change my user icon into Santa Masaomi tomorrow or later on before Christmas, just sooner!!
takashichea 16 hours, 12 minutes ago
For tonight, I work on making winter 2015 anime series and work on weekly DVD releases. Since I came home from school late, I work on the episode summaries on Thursday. Got free time until the weekends. Pm me if you need me.
othus12 1 day, 20 hours ago
UsachanMaN 1 day, 20 hours ago
Working on my final paper due this weekend. Wont be as active until next week.
SamJaz 2 days, 2 hours ago
Merry Christmas Vicers.
CapeBarnes 2 days, 13 hours ago
Final exams at maxed out full time university...*falls asleep*
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