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congrats to @vVv_CDjr for winning @MLG #MortalKombat
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I think she can do it! Just read that her manga series is being rereleased in September starting with Codename Sailor V which has not been released in the US at all yet! Very excited for that. 
The anime is also making its way around the world, heard that Italy and parts of Africa are reairring it.  
I remember there was some type of poll on Funimation on which series they should redub, and Sailor Moon was a possible option, I hope they really consider it now! I would love a fresh new dub on Sailor Moon, especially one that will take it all the way to the final series! I think DIC did a great job with Sailor Moon Classic and R, but once Cloverway (?) came in with S and SuperS, things took a nosedive quick... 
Hopefully after the Manga gets released again... a possible new live action series, or redub of the anime, or anything will come to fruition in the
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Tomorrow will be a day of fail... I opted not to study during Halloween weekend knowing full well that I have two tests tomorrow... it will be an ultimate fail... although I'm pretty confident in Physics, I KNOW I'm gonna fail the Organic exam...
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 Took my nephew out trick or treating for an hour around my neighborhood...was really surprised how many people weren't giving out candy!!!  I literally just gave up and looked for houses that had A. Halloween Decorations up or B. at least the Porch Light on.  Through it all we managed to fill up his pumpkin pail nonetheless... hehe
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Going to go to scream world tonight, hurray
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I wished there were more Halloween specials...they haven't broadcast any of my old favorites on tv yet... SIGH
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