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Well for one thing please don't bash me,
im sure you wont, im sure you'll read the entire blog haha anyway on to
Well dubs i prefer mainly are Western anime's and i feel it is a better fit
1. Black Lagoon: I love this dub with all my heart
2. Naruto: Yes i watch the dub(This is where the bashing starts) however i read the manga aswell, so im up to date
3. DB and DBZ: i Grew up with this so thats that really
4. Yu Yu Hakusho: Another great dub, if your honest
5. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Now i know its a strange choice and i have watched it subbed numerous times and love it. Dont get me wrong i dont hate the subs, i just slightly prefer dubs of it.

Maybe i will blog about subs next time. Sorry for wasting your time XD
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