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I think i'd rather leave the bending and be buddies with Sokka and be sarcastic all the time. xD

However i guess i would like to be "The Boulder!" :P
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Well to begin i should explain what this is about if you are so courteous as to read i thank you!
I have decided to begin a regular blogging process where i document a new series i have been watching or an impression of a charcter from a series.
Today i decided to blog about 2 series i recently experienced. 
The first is Hajime no Ippo, and i call it this because i prefer the sub and dislike the name fighting spirit considering Hajime no Ippo means "The First Step" and The name "The Fighting Spirit" is clearly a maketing scheme Grrrr.
There are a few main Points i'd like to each will be subtitled so feel free to scroll to a section you want to read.

Hajime No Ippo

That goosebump feeling

When i watch this series i just feel so inspired to do great things, whether its become a boxer or not, the feeling is directly reminiscent of my first viewing, or more precisely every viewing of Gurren Lagann, i love an anime that can give me that inspirational feeling, its my favourite emotion to feel, i love being completely in awe of something.

The Kamina-Takamura Connection

Anybody who has watched both gurren lagann and Hajime no Ippo surely knows what i mean, the main reson is the contant switch in personality from loving brother like figure to teasing brother like figure, believe the similarity is there.

Getting the nerd into boxing

To be honest this is kinda streching the truth, i mean it is a suprise for me getting highly into real boxin however i was never not into sports, but seriously this has really got me interested in taking up boxing as a hobby at uni.

Musical Score

The final Point i care to raise about this anime masterpiece is that the music really builds to an intense and emotionally satisfiying atmopshere how else can i describe it?

Ouron High School Host Club

Can dudes enjoy this without being weird?

Now i should raise the point the only reson i even gave this series a look was because in one of Mr Crispin Freeman's panel's he said he was really liking and i respect that mans opinion, so ye i watched it and you know what, at  first it creeped me out entirely especially the twins, but once i got past the point where it was completely freaky i saw how clever the story was told and how ingenious the humour was, a great watch really, i would say guys beware you in for a scare but if you can take it keep watching.

To be honest thats all for Ouron, just wanted to get that off my chest really :) goodbye and stop by again in the future!

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Now im gonna say this out front im not a figure kinda guy, never have been,
well i did have all the power rangers.....

But any way Destructoid just posted a story about a Rise figure, and ive gotta say its looking pretty damn awesome.
Original article above.

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Asu no youchi

Names probably wrong but whatever, so ye after first episode i was unsure, but after the 3rd episode the characters are developing and to be honest the main 2 characters are by far the least interesting, the back up cast are much better for me so far.


Actually loving this, sweet action and story is starting to develop nicely. The characters are intersting and a weird love triangle is developing which is sure to get intersting sooner or later.

Maria Holic

Still a bit weird for me, this anime is completely out of my confort zone of genre, so cant say much about it right now

White Album

Pretty boring, characters are dull so ye, not much to keep me hooked.


I was enoying this till episode 3 and then i started to get creeped out by it, probably will stop watching this soon. :(

these are the only 4 im following right now
feel free to comment on your thoughts of the spring season if anime
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I hate him soooo much!!!!
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