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So any good yuri anime or anime with multiple suitors competing for the love of one guy?
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I noticed grell isn't yaoi.explain please.opinions matter!if you don't know who he is its my picture on this website.

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alright I got my story down (at least an idea).I've got some characters down as well.if ur new look at my previous blog to catch up on what i'm doing but the fun part.....mixing and matching the relationships between the characters to I find a practical outcome.wish me luck!!!!!!!!!

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I'm working on my own anime idea right know.its sort of a twisted love story . I'm pulling from comedy , yuri , yaoi , maybe a bit of supernatural . i've hit a roadblock though....I cant seem to get a decent character list going or good plot line going . any ides anime vice people ? basically I'm trying to combine some of my favorite genres into one melting pot . makes sense right? anyone care to help me out? the story is set in more modern era so if anyone has any ideas please help I have an open mind and will gladly anything you give terms of ideas that is lol.

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