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depsite living in Kentucky, I have no clue if the Derby is today...
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Ya know, I gotta admit it: I hate tsunderes. Well, not hate, really; I can see their uses in a story. They just annoy me. I'm the guy who stares at a TV and yells, "Oh mah gawd, just @$#%ing say it!"
There are exceptions to this rule: Tohsaka Rin, for one. I enjoyed watching her and Shirou grow in the Unlimited Blade Works route. Senjouhara, for reasons I shouldn't need to list. However, this is very rare; more often than not, I'm completely and utterly annoyed by the archetype. 
Take this character for example: Shimada Minami from Baka to Test no Shoukanjuu. Throughout the show, she's kept her
 Shimada Minami
 Shimada Minami
tsundere-ness in check for the most part, but it came to a head in episode 4 in a way that almost made me throw my Mac across the room.
In the interest of leaving myself time to do dishes and cook for my husband tonight, I'll leave my answer there. I mean, I'm n-not cooking for Lan, t-there'll just be extra food. Y-yea, that's it. It's be a shame to let it go to waste.
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