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As much as would love to let myself become completely biased and say Fairy Tail, Bakemonogatari blows it out of the water. Excellent art, music, character, animation, and story (NISIOISIN is a friggin' genius).
I would give Fairy Tail the best long-running shonen show award, despite it not running that long yet (talking more about the style) and for completely biased reasons (I love it)
Best Manly Anime of 2009: Sengoku Basara. Do I need to say anything more? OYAKATA-SAMAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Best Crazy Anime of 2009: Basquash. I don't know why, but I loved it. Up until episode 9 anyways.
Baku's favorite manga of 2009: Bakugan. I just read everything they have out right now and holy crap, it's amazing. And my name is in it
Best thing watched in 2009 without it being released in 2009: Hajime no Ippo. Thanks to Ebzero for introducing me to the series.
Worst Series of 2009: For this, I went with something I have actually watched some of. It is not a reflection of the show, but just my personal opinion of it. Natsu no Arashi
Series that never seemed to live up to its hype: For me? Pandora Hearts, sorry. Couldn't get into it no matter how much I tried. Also, Shangri-La, but I plan to watch you one day.
Best Male Character of 2009: Araragi from Bakemonogatari. Vampire-level healing? Check. Bitchin' girlfriend? Check. Pseudo-harem of an odd cast? Check
Best Female Character of 2009: Senjougahara. 2009 was the year of Senjougahara Fascination. 
Best Moment of 2009: Acid Tits in Queens Blade ep.1.
I'm typing these as I think of them, so keep checking back.
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