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 There's a mousepad, but no mouse... I'm not amused...
 There's a mousepad, but no mouse... I'm not amused...
 So earlier today, I ventured to Gamestop to pick up my copy of The Record of Agarest War LE for the Xbox360. I had been waiting for the game ever since it was mentioned on this site-the genius marketing campaign kinda forced my hand to get it. The first thing I noticed about the game, though, was the size of the box. I was imagining something the size of a game (not paying attention to the face that there was a mousepad in the box, apparently). The bags that the employees were trying to contain the game in barely fit it, to the point where there were effectively no handles.
One thing that really got me about the release of this game was the fact that there were actually people ashamed to buy this game-there's an entire post on the gamefaqs board devoted to people being shamed by Gamestop employees. I had quite the opposite of this experience. In fact, I received a high five upon entering the  store to claim my prize. The employees each had their own copies of the game that they were waiting to pay for. I'm flabbergasted that anyone would be ashamed to buy a T-rated game.
On that, though, there's apparently some controversy. During my trip to the Gamestop, there were some regional managers gathered in the building. When they went to the back to have their conference, the store manager informed his employees, and me by grace of being in earshot, that the reason for the conference was to push to treat Agarest as an AO game, and get it pulled from the shelves.
ME:"Uhh... do they know that there's no nudity in it?"
Manager:"There's partial nudity!"
Me:"Yea, a butt, but haven't these people played/seen God of War? Mass Effect? Grand Theft Auto? this has suggested sexual situations. Those game HAVE sexual situations, and they're still sold in store."
Manager:"Yea, but the box..."
UPDATE: I have read accounts where people are indeed reporting that corporate has called stores demanding to treat it as an M-rated game, pull it from the shelves, and it's up for a possible recall. I blame the box. The game is rated T, but the box+extras? I could see them swinging an M on it.
All that drama aside, though, let me talk about the contents. The boobie mousepad, while bought for the novelty, is aaaaawesome for wrist support. Seriously, it's comfortable. NOTE/WARNING: When you open your own copy of this game, do not breathe deeply. The mousepad has resulted in this funk that resides in the box that will make you cough. It's crazy. The pillow case is just that... a pillow case. Done. There's also a soundtrack CD, which I have yet to crank out (it's been a busy day) and the game. What is awesome though, is the box. Pics are included. I'll try to do a review of the game after I play through once.

 My cat is cuter, admit it...
 My cat is cuter, admit it...

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