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We did it. We autotuned Kessler. You're welcome. If you're already listening, stick around for discussion of Miyazaki films, midnight livestreams and more!

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Now for a little housekeeping: our iTunes feed is finally in working order! The podcast name, the episode descriptions, the album art: it's ALL THERE. The release dates for the first four episodes got a little bit jacked up in the process, but dude, whatever, that's internet for you. It's all smooth sailing from here!

If you're curious about that Johann Sebastian Joust game we mentioned, the official website is right here, complete with a useful video showing you what exactly the hell it is.

Thanks again for listening, guys!

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We now have a theme song. Shit just got ten types of real.

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Lotsa broadswords, lotsa meatballs. The good joke siren. Astroklepek. Sunny Funny Woo-Woos. Friday Nightlights. Flunked Up. MoanZone. Special guests technically include Matthew Rorie and Ryan Davis.

As per usual, direct all electronic mail correspondence to interns AT whiskeymedia DOT com.

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The third episode of Internal Affairs happened, and it's my favorite episode yet.

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What uuuuuup! Matt Kessler's back, Steve II has departed and our third episode is upon us! Jump in and enjoy this episode LOADED TO THE GILLS with information on Quick Looks, Harry Potter spoilers, Nintendownload trailers and other stuff! It's a 27-minute party, and you guys are invited.

It's also come to my attention that, despite our iTunes presence being totally jacked, we already have over 100 subscribers! You guys are the sweetest. This week is gonna be the week I move everything over to an RSS feed that isn't just a Giant Bomb blog, and that should fix 1000% of our display issues. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you guys dig the new episode!

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Episode two is totally here!

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It's our second episode, and this one's all over the place! This time, we've got two new Intern Steves 'round the podcast table. Join us as we discuss the new intern, Lemon's first I Love Mondays, Steve's deployment to Afghanistan and more! Dragon Ball Z might get mentioned once or twice. Who cares.

OH, ALSO: we're on iTunes now! It ain't pretty, but it works! (If you're having trouble getting the new episode: hit subscribe, go to Podcasts, click Internal Affairs, then click Refresh in the lower-right corner.)

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The interns made a podcast! Yes, really!

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Hey, you guys like Whiskey Media, right? Well, good! Because we ('we' being myself, Matt Kessler and Ben Pack) just created a brand-new podcast from within WM's hallowed halls. In it, we discuss what each of us have been doing here, how working at Whiskey Media has lived up to our expectations and a handful of other things that have nothing to do with Whiskey Media at all! Brace yourselves, homies.

Honestly, I'm actually feeling pretty good about how this dumb little experiment turned out. These two dudes might be the funniest guys I've met since moving to San Francisco, and recording a podcast with them was exactly as fun as I'd hoped. As I'm the one hosting this zany thing, Ryan was kind enough to give me moderately extensive podcast production lessons, so the whole thing came out sounding quite nice. We kept it short at under half an hour long, since you guys have no shortage of podcasts to listen to.

Depending on the response to this initial episode, this is totally a thing we could see ourselves doing on the weekly. A second episode would likely include appearances by the other two interns (at the time of recording, Lemon was busy with a Tested shoot and Steve II hadn't had his first day of work yet), as well as an email segment where we answer your questions on what life at Whiskey Media is like. Or on whatever you feel like asking us. We're not picky. Interns at whiskeymedia dot com. Hit us up, k?

Anyways, yeah! We're super open to your feedback about this whole thing. Feel free to leave a comment letting us know whether you liked it, what you'd change and what you'd like to hear in the future. Thanks for your time, duders!

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