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Off-Topic » Miss-understanding of Immortality

Immortality = Sleeping. 
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Off-Topic » Hi Im new and goodbye thread

Hi, I'm Aya. I joined Anime Vice for a few good purposes. 1. To interact with people (whether it be anime talk or general talk, I don't care.) 2. To support an Anime oriented Site that looks kickass! :-D And 3. To Blog away, because that's one of my greatest leisures and enjoyments on the Internet.  
About me: See "Aya's Introduction Blog".  
There is more to know about me, and I will share some things into my .... somewhat odd life .... as time allows it. In general, I just wanna meet new friends, friends who will drop by my profile, not to just say Hi once and then disappear, but friends who will come back from time to time, and get to know me better. :-) Jeez, aren't I selfish? I wanna add to Anime Vice also, if I can. If anyone has any ideas, I can see what I can do. I like to write, read, and watch videos --- just a few things I like to do during "free time".  Hehe, I guess that'll do. Byez! :-)
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