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I updated my website. You guys should check it out. It's not yet finished though.
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The News
I'm creating a page on my website where you can watch all the funny Avatar: The Last Airbender parodies for free. I'm also planning on creating a series here on my profile. Of course the videos will be hosted by YouTube and hopefully I could become a YouTube partner to upload FULL Avatar: The Last Airbender episode parodies. I could upload the entire series parody dubbed.

Can I contribute?
Of course you can. You can contribute to voice act some of the characters. We're looking for the following voice actors below.
- Aang
- Mai
- Tylee
- Azula
- Ozi
The voice actors of Sokka, Zuko, Iroh, Katara, Toph are taken. Also remember that we use Skype to communicate with each other. Also there are no scripts to follow along with. We just go FREE STYLE. It's funnier than scripts. I learned that myself. It will be fun when there are contributors. We are also looking for editors to edit the parodies with sound effects and musics.

When do I start contributing?
By May 30th we'll open for wanted people who want to contribute.
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