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This is a list of anything, strange, unusual, or something I like.

1. Sagittarius

This is just funny!!!!

2. Carla

Flying kitteh!!!!!

3. Caine the Longshot

I don't even know what to say

4. Potpourri

So cute!!!

5. Dobermon
6. Cerberumon
7. Margera Wonderweiss

People have said that his personality is like that of a person with low-functioning autism. I think that he is interesting because I have high-functioning autism.

8. John Doe
9. Matatabi

Blue demon kitteh

10. Poyo Rainyday

I want hands like that!

11. Lars wool
12. Gatomon
13. Denka

Ninja Kitteh!

14. Ah-Un
15. Kirara
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