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As some of you know, I live in Canada. You may also know that Hulu only streams to U.S. users. While sites like and Crunchyroll primarily stream to Canada and US.

BUT ever since the site-revamp of, some of its anime have switched to using an embedded Hulu video player to stream its anime. So for me, some of the anime I was previously able to watch on Funimation, I was unable to watch due to the new mandatory Hulu player for some anime (e.g. Psycho-Pass, Black Lagoon Season 2).

So until VERY recently, I kind of just let this slide, and presumed something might have been wrong with the site, not detecting that I'm from Canada and loading the right video player or something, or that it might get fixed eventually. Then I googled and stumbled upon a Hummingbird thread that suggested the extensions below to get around the region-lock.

LINKS (tl;dr, download extensions to by-pass region-locking)

  • MediaHint (this is what I use, simple and works perfectly)
  • Hola (was also suggested, it has more functions than MediaHint, so see if it's right for you)

P.S. I'm not sure if this violates site regulations? I understand we are a pro-legal-streaming site and anti-pirate site, so I don't know if this is the same as that... I mean if more people watch their stuff, shouldn't that mean more ad-money for them? Anyways my intentions are pure, I just want more people to enjoy their anime more freely, and maybe help out people who are in a similar situation as I was... and spread the love of anime. o3o

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