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Our 5 protagonists sing together
Our 5 protagonists sing together

Tari Tari is a well-made, short, feel-good drama/slice of life about a group of high school friends who form a small choir club together. Throughout the series they experience both personal and group-related struggles. For example, since they are a small club of only 5 students, they often don't have much say in student council budgeting decision, and are often brushed to the side when competing with performance space with other clubs.

Some depth, but too little time

Happy ending!
Happy ending!

But it's not all club/school drama. The characters are given reasonably nuanced background stories and personal struggles that they each overcome. For example, Sawa wants to be an equestrian jockey, but her father is opposed to this idea. Ultimately, though, since this series is only 13 episodes, by the time I finished watching the series, it felt a little shallow. Tari Tari shares some of the same staff that worked on Hanasaku Iroha, a 26 episode drama, which did a great job of fleshing out the characters and developing the story. By the end of Tari Tari, the characters graduate high school and are heading in different directions. They plan to keep in touch and will never forget all the great memories they had together. Thus the moral of the story is, friendship is important.

There's some seriously sad parts, but it's all happy in the end.
There's some seriously sad parts, but it's all happy in the end.

I feel like Tari Tari has some great characters and could have done a lot more with them than what was shown in these 13 episodes. From the beginning of the series I had no doubt that there was going to be a happy ending. The problem with these types of slice of life is that they feel shallow. I kind of feel like PA Works tried to condense all the positive emotions in Hanasuka Iroha into 13 episodes, but the problem is it doesn't show the negative emotions enough for all the happy parts to feel justified. For example, yeah Sawa's father doesn't want her to be an equestrian, but when later he changes his mind and starts supporting her, it feels very arbitrary. Like the writers went and said "hey, closure, there you go, let's move on." I guess it's hard going from making a 26 episode anime to a 13 episode one.

It ends up feeling a little rushed and shallow. It almost becomes just another cliché slice of life, where nothing goes wrong or everything turns out fine. But like I mentioned, there is enough nuance in the characters and plot to make them seem more realistic and likable, even if they end up feeling a little instrumental to the happy ending that it works toward. If I had to give it a rating, I'd give it a 7/10.

If you are at all interested in this anime, but haven't watched Hanasaku Iroha, I'd suggest watching Hanasaku Iroha instead.

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