AURON570 (Level 15)

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A few things happened in this episode, but to me 2 things stood out. Firstly the series returns to a decidedly more light-hearted tone as it returns back to the episode structure of, "everyday-Takuto has fun with school friends, Takuto's next opponent is introduced, Glittering Star talk about Cybodies, Takuto has Cybody battle, set up for next episode." Well of course there's more to it than that that keeps it interesting to watch, but the main point is that it is very different from the previous episode's serious tone as it wrapped up Mizuno's story. The second thing that stood out to me was that I'm finally starting to understand the Glittering Star/Crux plot! This episode finally made me understand how they fit in to the larger picture. Which if you've been reading my impressions of the series so far, is a huge breakthrough for me! If you're interested, I wrote a nice plot summary of the episode for the wiki, it may help clarify some of the plot. 

Not much else to say about this episode, I feel that it was fairly straightforward and the plot is certainly developing well. At times I still feel baffled with how many characters there actually are in this series (main and side), but the series does a good job of focusing/directing attention in each episode. Looking forward to the next episode!
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