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I'll make this quick. I love Space Brothers. It's a great, mature series about a man striving to become an astronaut. Space Brother has recently surpassed the one year mark with 57 episodes and still going strong.

I just watched episode 52, and I have to say: if you have not checked out this series, would like to but do not want to start all the way from the beginning, then episode 52 is a great entry point. Episode 52 sums up the fundamental premise of the entire series.

Episode 52 is not really a recap episode, because it does NOT simply go over what has happened in the past 51 episodes. Instead it only really draws on story presented in the first 2 episodes, and other story bits revealed along the way. The resulting episode is a picture of Mutta striving to follow his younger brother Hibito into space, and how it all started.

At this point I do not know whether there will be more recap episodes in the future, but regardless, I find that Space Brothers does an amazing job of showing you what is important and relevant in each episode to episode. It shouldn't be hard at all to find your bearing in this series.

Closer to the Moon
Closer to the Moon

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*****You can watch new episodes of Space Brothers at Crunchyroll every Saturday*****

*****You can also check out our wiki for Space Brothers. NOTE: The first 25 episodes have detailed Plot Summaries AND Screenshots if you would like to peruse them.******

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