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Well I just finished watching episode 5 of Softenni, and I have decided that I will no longer be continuing this series. So I thought I'd take the time to reflect on the series, see what I liked/didn't like about it, and what made me decide to stop watching it.

The series is a comedy about a school's female Soft Tennis Club. The Coach, Mishi, is a lethargic, young man who was a former national soft tennis champion. The female members of the club are quirky each in their own way. Chitose is the green-haired ditz. She has huge breasts, is really bad at soft tennis and as a hobby chases a specific species of wild animal in the forest naked. Kurusu is the quiet blue-haired one. She is pretty good at tennis, does magic tricks, and has fun playing jokes/wearing costumes to surprise the others. Asuna, the pink-haired pervert, she loses concentration often because she is fantasizing about perverted things. Kotone, the brown-haired one, ha s a soft spot for the Coach but it is a one-sided relationship. Kotone always tries to psyche herself and the others to play, she even names her flashy tennis moves, all to win the affection of the Coach, but often fails. Lastly is Elizabeth, the blonde-haired American transfer student. She gets along with Kurusu, and also loves the Coach. The difference is that Elizabeth is actually liked by the Coach.

Thus, hilarity ensues. Some tennis-related things that occur during the series include: practicing on the tennis court, going to the sports store to purchase a new racket and challenging a rival school to a tennis match. During these events though, the series slips in various comedic scenes. These scenes almost always draw upon a character's traits and uses fan service and exaggeration. For example: Asuna is practicing, the coach suggests that she should focus on the whole court, instead of just on the ball. As a result, Asuna notices a female student walk by the court wearing black panties. Asuna starts fantasizing and makes her unable to concentrate on playing Tennis because she is too busy fantasizing.

And as soon as that gag is over, it moves onto another character in another situation, with fan service and exaggeration. Having watched 5 episodes, I'm beginning to think that the only way one can like this series is if you like the characters and the way the series reuses the same jokes over and over again. The animation in the series is fairly good, and is one of the reasons I checked out the series. However, I think  the pace of the humor in the show and the flatness of each of the characters is what really made me stop watching. I really don't think that Softenni is going anywhere beyond what I've already seen.

What I've watched of Softenni was okay at best. I'll remember the characters, the opening, the weirdness, but I definitely won't remember laughing very much.
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