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This anime has started out strongly, even though I felt this episode wasn't that great... probably because I don't really like Zakuro. I thought the combat sequences were really well done in earlier episodes, but this episode they decided to focus on more character development. Here we have the standard, guy brings home girl to introduce to family while hiding secret about girl from family. In this case the secret is that the girl is actually a half-spirit. Hopefully next episode there will be more action with more of the other characters! As I mentioned the combat sequences are really well done in this anime. I guess I sort of wish it didn't center so much around Zakuro and Kei, but then again this might be because it has been a long time since I last watched an episode of this anime. 
Yeah, this episode was not that great, but I do recommend people check out the series if you haven't already. First couple of episodes are really well done if I remember correctly. We'll see what happens next episode!!
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