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The second season for Amagami SS has just been announced. Singer azusa will be returning to perform the opening theme songs. Here is the first opening from season 1, so you have an idea what she sounds like. Also get an idea of what the artwork is like. This song grew on me, and I think it sets the right tone for the show. Light, but still has some seriousness to it.   
No details have been given yet about the story and how it will continue from season 1, so we can only speculate what this second season is going to be about. The first season was about a student named Junichi. He was stood up by his date on Christmas Eve and since then, tries to find a girl to spend Christmas Eve with. There were separate arcs for each individual girl. In each arc, Junichi would develop a relationship with a single girl. Eventually culminating in the Christmas Eve date or something similar. I would assume from their announcement trailer, that the entire cast will be returning. But it looks like the trailer just uses scenes from season 1, so still no idea how season 2 will carry on from season 1. 
I wrote a number of blogs a while ago about my thoughts on Amagami SS, you can find them on the Amagami SS forums. I thought the first season was great, but the OVAs were badly done. So I'm both excited but a little skeptical at the same time. The first season was memorable and was able to achieve a level of both seriousness and lightheartedness that I haven't experienced in any other anime. So it will be interesting to see how season 2 will turn out.
Next, you may or may not know that Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing is going to be airing this coming October. It is the sequel to Last Exile, which aired back in 2003. A number of months ago I had finished watching Last Exile. So the atmosphere and feel of the world is still fairly fresh in my mind. I thought Last Exile was pretty good, but it wasn't really that exciting to me. Maybe this is just because I felt lost with some of the politics and plot developments in the series. Below is the latest trailer for Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing:   
  It looks like we will be in for a similar experience to Last Exile 1. Flying air ships, fairly large scale battles, 2 young characters pulled into a larger war, some underlying political schemes and some fantasy elements. Right now I am predicting that I am not going to get very far into this series, but I will definitely be checking out the first few episodes and see what happens from there. 
Anyone else interested in these series? =o
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