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Yep it's that time of year again. Summer is coming to an end. For many people, including myself, this means a new year of school. Some might have had summer school, others might have had a summer job. Some might have gone traveling, others might have preferred doing things closer to home. I'm not going to go in depth with what I did this past summer. But, I will say that anime was a very large part of what I did this past summer. Mostly watching it, and also contributing to the animevice wiki. 
My thoughts about the anime I've watched this summer haven't really changed since my previous Summer Half-way Point blog. So if you want to know some of my thoughts on various anime shows, you can check them out there. 
Before this summer, I didn't really give the anime vice wiki that much consideration, I mostly stuck to blogs. But now that I've contributed a fair bit to the wiki myself, I realize that there is a lot more information on the wiki than I had ever imagined. With dozens of new anime series coming out every season, it is almost impossible to keep any wiki site updated with all information on all the anime (and manga) that is out there. But that doesn't mean that wikis are useless. 
The time that I started consistently contributing to the wiki, was roughly half way into Star Driver. I had already done some blogs on Star Driver, with my impressions and some low quality screenshots. Since, I was really enjoying the series I started writing plot summaries for each of the episode pages whenever I would watch a new episode. I found a few parts of the plot confusing, so I thought writing out the summaries would help me better understand the series, as well as helping other people who want to clarify some things that happen in the series. Most of the characters and voice actors for the series already existed on the wiki, so I added the characters and voice actors that appeared in each episode to the corresponding episode page. 
My style of writing plot summaries has changed a bit since then. I no longer build up suspense or use spoiler tags in my writing. I try to keep things factual, while also conveying important emotional aspects that could be important to understanding the flow of the plot, or character motivations. I also provide links to character pages in the plot summary, so people don't have to scroll all the way down to the characters section to find out who is being talked about. Also, sometimes if I want to avoid spoilers in certain series, I will write a short introduction before the actual plot summary, which sets up the main events of the episode. Example w/ introduction: Hanasaku Iroha Ep 20 . Example without introduction: Nichijou Ep 20.
Since I really like both Nichijou and Hanasaku Iroha, I decided to take screenshots for each episode and upload and caption them to the wiki as well. Luckily both are available for free on which has good video quality and allows you to turn off subtitles. What ended up happening was, every sunday, I would watch each episode twice. The first time was to write a detailed plot summary for the episode page and add characters. The second time I would watch it with subtitles turned off, and take screenshots appropriately. 
When I am contributing to the wiki,  I always hope that someone out there is finding this information useful or fun or cool. I like the anime that I watch, some more than others, and I want to share that somehow. Whether it's through blogs, forums or writing on the wiki. 
With school starting up again, I may not have as much time as before to contribute to anime vice. But I definitely plan on finishing up the episode pages for Hanasaku Iroha and Nichijou. Over the course of the summer I also wrote a bunch of plot summaries for these other summer 2011 anime series: Uta no Prince-sama, No. 6, Kamisama no Memochou, and Ikoku Meiro no CroiseĆ©. I like all of these anime in varying degrees. If I didn't I wouldn't bother watching them in the first place, let alone writing stuff about them. These anime too will soon be coming to a close, and I'm not sure whether I'm going to be writing anymore for them on the wiki. If I can't fill out the episode pages, I may do some brief final thoughts blogs for them, but I can't tell at this point. 
I like watching anime, and hopefully if you've read this far and visit this site, you like watching anime too! Some people like to dock anime vice for not having a lot of discussion going on about currently airing series. But those are the same people that also don't make any sort of effort to get any discussion going! If you like anime, have ideas and want to discuss them, then write about it. Whether it's creating a forum topic, blogging, or writing stuff for the wiki, there's always a way.
Remember, you only get out of something as much as you put into it. By writing about anime I like, I feel like I get a better appreciation for the series and anime in general, as well as hopefully helping others who read what I write. A lot of work gets put into making an anime, and I try my best to express my interest in anime to others. :)

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