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So a subbed version of the un-aired episode 27 of K-ON!! (available on the latest Blu-ray/dvd release) was posted on the internet. Having watched the first 2 seasons of K-ON, of course I would check it out. Even though I had started not liking K-ON about half way through the second season. Episode 27, is more of the same happy-go-lucky slice of life anime with goofy/childish humor that many have come to love and adore. The series can now be reduced to "a bunch of girls doing stuff together". With this in mind, and in retrospect, I find it amazing that I gave the first season of K-ON a 10/10. 
Anyways episode 27 centers around the central action of the girls planning a trip to go somewhere foreign (outside of Japan). When watching the episode I could imagine a group of people sitting around in a circle, thinking up possible things that could happen given this initial premise, (hey, you need a passport to travel right? How about we make them go get their passports? Hmm we can't just do that... oh wait you need a photo for a passport right? YEAH! Let's make it so that one of their pictures gets refused and have to retake it! YEAH! And then Yui and Ritsu are being all childish and messing up the photo booth pictures, yeah they'll eat that moe shit up!) I think somewhere during the second season I started getting this feeling. And I remember thinking that there is absolutely no character development. 

Maybe I'm just complaining about the slice-of-life genre in general. I remember thinking after watching episode 26 that "I have had enough slice of life to last quite a while." Which is really confusing because, like I said, I remember very much enjoying Season1 of K-ON... I get the feeling that the studio isn't even really trying anymore, and just trying to produce more of the same, with familiar characters, familiar situations and familiar outcomes and jokes. I suppose another part of me thinks back to the K-ON dream of traveling around the world and performing concerts. There was a hint of this in this episode when Yui jokingly says, "if we need extra cash we can become street performers!" In the end it sort of just comes around as a bunch of girls, going everywhere together, doing things together, without a care in the world. 
Maybe a part of me is just jealous or skeptical that such a close group of friends could ever exist. I suppose maybe this just highlights the artificiality of the characters and the story. Which makes it more troubling for me when I think about how many anime otaku are goo-goo for K-ON and the characters in it. I just can't seem to get back into the ideal happy world of K-ON.
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