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Ikoku Meiro is a slice of life, moe anime about a young Japanese girl named Yune. It is set in the late 19 century Paris. Yune decides to travel with Oscar back to his metal sign shop in Paris to help out there and learn about the French culture. Oscar and his grandson, Claude, run a specialty metal sign shop in the Galerie du Roi. Think of the Galerie like an old-fashioned mall. Recently a much bigger mall has been built and is running many of the stores in the Galerie out of business.

So far the anime seems to be focusing on Yune and how she is adapting to living in Paris. Yune is in many ways the perfect child that everyone wishes for. She does what she’s told, is polite, always wants to help, experiences the world with eyes full of wonder and has a cute voice.

Since this is a slice of life, much of what actually goes on in each episode is day to day stuff. But that’s not to say that there isn’t structure to each episode. For example, this episode was about Claude who has to make a sign for a customer, but has trouble finding inspiration. He asks both Oscar and Yune about Japan in hopes of finding something to trigger his imagination. He eventually succeeds with the help of Yune. (I wrote a full summary of ep 3 for the wiki, you can check out here.)

I think most of the joy that comes from watching Ikoku Meiro comes from the simplicity and ease of watching Yune. Each episode she discovers new things about Paris, and I have found it’s really easy to get caught up in life in Paris as we watch Yune, Claude and Oscar. I think the opening theme helps with this too and gives me a light-hearted feeling every time I watch and hear it. 


I have enjoyed the anime so far. I hope it keeps with the light tone, while also not relying on the “cuteness” factor. If you’re looking for something simple and easy to watch, I’d recommend checking this one out!
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