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If you have read my review of Ika Musume Season 1, or my blogs on a few of the episodes, you'll know that I am very happy with the way the first Season turned out. Recently it has been announced (site is NSFW) that Ika Musume will be getting a Second Season, but details about when it will be aired are yet to be announced. 
There isn't really much more about the series that I want to say that I haven't said in my review or blog posts. Ika Musume is a fun series with great animation quality that still manages to stimulate our cuteness receptors in our brains, without relying on fan service. At first I was somewhat surprised that Ika Musume would be getting a second season because I felt I was one of the few people that actually enjoyed the series from the beginning. I'm also really anxious to see what they decide to do with this second season, and what directions it decides to develop in. I think it's safe to say that the series will continue to use the episode format it used in the first Season. That being, each episode is divided up into three sub-plots. With a lot of the characters already in place, it'll be interesting to see the characters in new situations and how successfully it is all presented.
I'm really excited for this second season, and all I can really do now is wait and hope that the second season will be as memorable and laughter-filled as the first.
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