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This series wrapped up really well I thought. I just finished writing a review for it since I thought it was so good and more people should see it. Maybe here I'll discuss things that came into my head while watching the anime. So the series is finished. The 2v2 volleyball tournament was fairly arbitrary, but I think I understand why they put it there, and put it first (out of the 3 parts to the episode). The volleyball game had almost all the characters in the series participate in the tournament, so it was nice to see all the characters faces again, in case we need reminding =). I think also they needed to offset the next 2 parts of the episode, which were slightly more sad because Ika-chan is faced with the dilemma >> that is to stay on land and risk losing her squid powers but keep all the friends she's made OR go back to the sea and recover her powers. Again we saw almost the entire cast as they stand by the shore looking out at Ika-chan in the sea. 
Good use of piano and violin music during the second and third parts, I really liked it. Music overall in the series has been on point and worked well with conveying a certain meaning/emotion in different situations. Animation is great, coming into the series I thought I'd check it out because the animation seemed pretty great, even though the story seemed sort of weird and childish. The first few episodes I found myself getting annoyed at Ika-chan's overly childish (albeit cute) antics, but somehow the anime turns it around and really makes you care for her, and laugh at/with her, so that it's more of the cute side that you see and care for. 
With that said, Ika-chan ultimately sets out to make you laugh with joy while also tugging at your cuteness heartstrings ever so gently. Awesome stuff!
P.S. You know.. they never really went into the origins of Ika-chan, like where she exactly she came from and how she grew up in the sea. That could be interesting, but it wouldn't really fit with the overall tone of the anime (since it is after all a comedy not a sci-fi), haha.
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