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 Great episode! I'm starting to realize just how on-point the animation, sounds and music is in this anime. This, Oreimo and Star Driver have to be my favourite this season. Ika-chan was a lot more likable in this episode. Probably because she didn't really do anything crazy this time around, and I'm also in a good mood, which is why I bothered to take screenshots.
Sweet I figured out how to order the screenshots! (You have to highlight them in order you want them to be). So the screenshots here are ordered right to left, earliest in episode to latest in episode. Comments on screenshots: The part in the opening where Ika-chan plays with the nintendo cartridge cracks me up everytime. That Noh Rider intro was pretty hilarious, I was almost hoping it was an actual series. Oh math, glad I don't have to deal with that anymore. Also, that fried rice...yumm... All the plots in this episode were very entertaining and well-done I found.
I'm starting to see Ika-chan as the scheming fool (stock character in comedic tradition). In my previous blog I expressed the hope that Ika-chan would experience some sort of epiphany where she finally takes a step back and realizes what she's doing, thus becoming more independent and resolved. But really the aim of comedy is not a sort of cathartic resolution. My drama professor told me that comedy is the disruption of habit. So it's funny when a character like Ika-chan plans with all her might to take over the world. By expecting things to turn out a certain way she just falls flat on her face! Then we can all laugh at the aftermath. Then the process starts all over again! 
Can't wait to watch the next episode, in fact i might just.... ahh maybe tomorrow ;) or maybe noww o_O? Damn I am freaking myself out, okay end of blog entry.
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