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kukuku, how did that laugh ever become cute?... mysteries of the world..
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 I realize I'm behind in this series, but I guess it's more of a wannabe Watch and Learn more than anything. Helps me get my thoughts out and I can practice writing in an informal way.
Anyways, the second half of this episode was brilliant, with the mini squid girl. I'm almost hoping now that we will be introduced to another squid girl/guy, just to contrast the main character. However it would be very tedious if the other squid is just the same as squid girl, i.e. wants to take over the world, is dense, unknowledgable and childish. This series has a knack of resparking my interest just when I start thinking, omg Ika-chan is so annoying, I wish she would just shutup and stop being stupid, and then BAM the series pulls something like the mini squid girl. This is probably intentional, to mirror the way a child thinks and behaves in short burst as the child explores and is temporarily fascinated by novel stimuli before moving on to more novel stimuli.
So a few words on cuteness... I'm torn between whether or not cuteness is a good thing or not. Essentially cuteness is the measure of how child-like someone is. As such a person that is cute will elicit from others feelings sympathy including the desire to take care of the cute person (because of the fact that they appear/behave child-like). I mean it's great to be able to feel that way and want to help a cute person, but it can also be bad because the cute person might learn to be cute all the time and never be independant. 
With that said I hope Ika-chan does become more independent or resolved by the end of the anime, I remain interested to see how it turns out. 
P.S. Sorry no screenshots, was not expect to write this =o.
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