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A while back I downloaded episode 5 of Hen Semi. I usually don't download episodes, but this time was because the episode was taking unusually long to get subbed, but then someone commented on the raw version that another sub group already had it subbed and available for download. So I went to the sub groups website, downloaded it and watched it, it was alright as usual. 
Yesterday I discovered how to turn of subtitles, both on Crunchyroll and when watching my downloaded anime in a media player. I also discovered a free print-screen-capture program, called Gadwin Printscreen. (thankyou sickvisionz) Now I can take screens without doing the old open photo-editor, paste. So I took the chance to rewatch ep 5 of Hen Semi without screens and took a whopping 19 screenshots! Which you can view on the wiki, here. Unfortunately not much happens in this episode in terms of fan service or crazy fetishism. Essentially a female classmate visits a male classmate's house.
If you want to get a better idea of what to expect from the series episode to episode, or want to know more about the plot, I suggest you read my previous blog post on episode 10 of Hen Semi, here. I hope you find my look at the series helpful.
I also find it interesting to just read the episode titles for Hen Semi. I still think "An Inquiry on the psychological impact of watching 2D characters in questionable situations," would have been an interesting addition to the series, but the show never gets that serious.
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