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This series is going really well! I'm a bit behind, but I am hereafter dedicating myself to editing the episode page of each episode of Hanasaku Iroha. With a detailed summary and screenshots! You can see what I have done with episode 12, here
Time, you cannot escape it
Time, you cannot escape it
So some thoughts... I'm beginning to realize how much is put into each episode. In terms of time, this episode spans just over a single day. In terms of action and development, almost every scene seems to shows something important or remind us of something interesting. Whether it is a character's personality, or a reminder that we're still in the big city Tokyo, or a reminder of what time of day it is (and as a result a reminder that time is constantly passing by), the flow of each episode seems just right. Not ever going too fast or too slow. 
It's an interesting experience for me now. Since I'm watching each episode twice (once for plot, again for screens), I always find that the second time the episode flows a lot more quickly than the first time. This probably also has to do with the fact that I pause every few minutes the first time I watch it in order to update my summary :). 
About wha
Ohana sucks in her tears at a train station
Ohana sucks in her tears at a train station
t's happening with the story. I'm really enjoying it, and I hope it keeps it up. One particular moment that struck me was when Ohana was thinking to herself. She was thinking about the love triangle between her, Narumi and Kouichi. In the triangle she sees herself as the antagonist, getting in the way of any relationships. This scene happens just after Ohana is confronted by Narumi, Narumi telling her she should make up her mind and stop stepping on Kouichi's kindness. It's ironic that Ohana sees herself as an antagonist because, in reality, she is the protagonist of an anime series called Hanasaku Iroha! 
Satsuki yelling at her mom
Satsuki yelling at her mom
I also really enjoyed the flashback showing young Satsuki, Sui and Enishi, that was an interesting parallel to the flashbacks of young Ohana. The interplay between Minko and Tooru in this episode was interesting too, I wonder how it will develop in the future. Same goes for Ohana and Kouichi, it doesn't look like there's much hope for them, and I wonder if they do eventually get together, how it will happen, and if it will be a generic "happy ever after". We'll see.
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