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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Terror in Resonance Discussion

Another cinematic summer anime. I would expect no less from the director of Cowboy Bebob and the music of Yoko Kanno! A smile like the sun and eyes cold as ice, huh? I'm a sucker for snow environments, so that opening was really awesome! But what exactly did those guys steal, a nuclear bomb? And how, if at all, are they related to the two boys Touji and Arata?

I couldn't help thinking that the stuffed animal's mouth looked like balls.. So uhh.. 9/11 anyone? I feel sorry for Lisa, choose between death and being a terrorist.. isn't that some form of coercion? I wonder what a legal case would determine if a trial were held right after the events of episode 1. We don't know much about the backstory of the two boys, except it sounds like they were trained in some special facility along with other children to become 'terrorists', but not everyone survived training. Since they refer to each other as Nine and Twelve in private, there would be atleast 10 other kids like them, or were.

The question at this point is what does 'being an accomplice' entail, and how far will Lisa have to go with these two in their affairs. Will we see them return to 'daily life', or will martial law start taking effect, and paranoia start sinking in? It sounds like the boys could have Lisa on permanent black mail, and a short leash if they really wanted to.

The other weird question is, why is Lisa's mom continually texting her? Maybe she is being 'bullied' by her mom. Which could entail anything from nagging to actual physical abuse. Interesting that they decided not to translate the text messages from her mom.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Tokyo Ghoul Discussion

By the end of ep1 I was doing the Brook laugh, because it was so hype! It has a very cinematic feel to it. The dream sequence when Kaneki is having surgery reminded me of Evangelion, the naked Rei being similar to the naked Rize. The anime also reminds me of Psycho-Pass, Elfen Lied, Deadman Wonderland and Pupa, except taken to the next level? Some of the scenes and shots were so fantastic! The beginning scene between Rize and the enforcer(?) did a great job of setting up the threat of the ghouls, and giving us a taste of the action to come, before transitioning to a more familiar cafe/slice of life setting.

So will Kaneki end up eating his childhood friend Hide? That was my first thought once they showed him repeatedly trying to contact Kaneki and mentioning how they were friends since they were little. Also I noticed that the ED is the same as the Psycho-Pass OP1, which was really hype!

It was interesting to have Kana Hanazawa in a femme fatale role, here playing Rize. I didn't know she could pull off that smoldering, mature, bdsm voice... yum. I guess it helped that the animation was great, bringing the facial expressions to life. She also played the lead female in Psycho-Pass, but had a very different personality there as well, it seems like she is maturing/moving away from those cutesy bungler characters she started her career with (for example Kobato), which is nice.

So it sounds like the ghouls have worked out some sort of 'territory-feeding' management system, which is loosely governed by some sort of division head? I say loosely because the second ghoul was about to kill Touka without any consequence just because he was 'trespassing'. I suppose it's a dog eat dog world. I wonder if they have some sort of policy where they only feed on criminals or something, so that they don't disrupt society too much.

As much as I was excited for Kana Hanazawa's Rize, they killed her off in the first ep! I hope she does get more lines.. but I don't know how that will turn out without being terribly cheesy. But I have confidence that this anime can pull something off with style.

Also "what are the chances that this girl I like is reading the EXACT same book I'm currently reading!? IT MUST BE LOVE, not a trap". Oh well, Kaneki was definitely naive enough to believe it, which is what they were going for. The mess he made in the kitchen trying to eat regular food was a nice parallel to the mess of bodies we saw in the beginning scene.

I wonder if they will go down the 'fear of terrorists' route (for lack of better term). How you can't tell the difference between a human and a ghoul, which can lead to paranoia if the ghouls get out of control, and people start suspecting each other of being ghouls, which could escalate.. It's like if zombies were smart, had free will and looked, talked, smelled and acted just like humans, except BAM they want to EAT YOU! Well that might be fun..

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Persona 4: The Golden Animation Discussion

Ep 1 was hype! I really enjoyed the sakura blossoms at the beginning. That stealth hand shake with Morooka was brilliant... Izanagi's entrance has never been so hype! Chie actually getting licked by a Hablerie, as opposed to just getting hit with the tongue in the video game, that was cool.

Only thing that felt odd was how they introduced Marie after the credits ended. It felt like they really wanted to separate her from the rest of the cast and action.

For me I watched the P4 Endurance Run on Giantbomb back in the day. Then I watched some of a P3FES playthrough on youtube before finally playing P3FES myself. Then I watched the P4A when it came out two years ago. And only a few months ago did I finally download and play P4 (ps2 version) for myself. So I have a lot of respect for this series, and how the story, characters and gameplay is structured!

However, since I don't have a Vita and haven't played P4G, everything about Marie is completely new to me. I'm interested to see how they implement her with the rest of the story... because if the 1st ep is any indication it doesn't look like it will mesh very well. Reminds me of Elizabeth from P3, she was a really interesting character, but it was just another side social link, which didn't have too much bearing on the main action. We'll see how Marie impacts the rest of the story in P4GA.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Glasslip Discussion

Interesting that they decided to start the series with an already established group of friends in their final year of high school. It makes weird transfer student's entrance even more pronounced! They had a lot of face close ups in this episode. I couldn't help making the connection between the glass balls, eyes and the sparkling fireworks.

It occurred to me that trains and train stations are very prominent in a lot of Japanese anime. I suppose it is the preferred method of transportation in Japan, and their train network spans the whole country? Or something. I wouldn't know, I live in a suburb in Canada and we drive everywhere and public transit (buses, subway) is mediocre. And I guess not just in anime, but any other media, train stations are often featured as places where goodbyes happen, or transitions occur. Characters moving from one place to another, moving from one point of life to the next.

We know very little about weird transfer student. What his first 2 years of high school were like, if he stays in touch with his old friends, why he had to transfer etc. Why is he checking out Touko?! Why did he find it necessary to comment on the chickens? Does he feel like he is a chicken, cooped up in this little town? Or was that his way of flirting with Touko? >=/

So far the characters seem to be: energetic girl, smart girl, shy quite glasses girl, energetic boy, mature boy+older sister, weird transfer student boy.

I'm not sure how the glass manufacturing or the fireworks are going to come together.. or the chickens for that matter. I remember that Hanasaku Iroha ended with fireworks, a festival and Ohana (lead female) boarding a train to return to Tokyo. While this anime begins with fireworks, a festival and weird transfer student arriving at small town. I wonder how far this anime will go. It sounds like they are beginning their final year, and this anime will span their final year, possibly ending with the characters trying to come up with some idea of what they want to do after highschool, the main character probably considering glassware.

I don't get the feeling that this will turn into a romance. There's too many characters for that, and like most slice of life it has an emphasis on friendship. Lol maybe the whole point of the chickens is a metaphor for the group of friends running around doing stuff.

I feel like PA Works is getting lazy with character designs, while they focus more on the scenery. Oh well. Hearing nano.Ripe doing the ED just makes me want to rewatch Hanasaku Iroha.. almost.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Ao Haru Ride Discussion

I'm excited for this anime! Kind of reminds me of Wandering Son (for its use of water color), My Little Monster (for its close group of friends, and half-tsundere male and female leads), and also Kimi ni Todoke (for its little cute/chibi charm). Also kind of reminds me of One Week Friends from the previous season. Maybe like Fushimiya from One Week Friends Futaba will re-think what it means to have friends, and along the way make new friends, while rethinking her personality and attitude toward others (including Mabuchi and other boys and girls).

So it looks like both the female lead (Futaba) and male lead (Mabuchi) both changed themselves after going into high school. Futaba is trying to be like Chie from Persona 4, xD. The results were rather cute. <3

It was cool that they included those scenes where Futaba's 'friends' criticize her for not being "feminine" enough. Then in the climactic school shop scene, when Futaba buys all those buns, and is stopped by the lady thinking that Futaba is stealing.. When her friends arrive on the scene, they right away accuse her of stealing!

At this point it is being made pretty clear that both Futaba and Mabuchi's personalities are somewhat fabricated. In a way they are both coping with what happened between them 3 years ago. Mabuchi is trying to be cold to deal with Futaba saying she hates all boys. And Futaba is trying to be cheery and Chie-like in order to get over being stood up. But since it's a romance, we all know that it was a misunderstanding, and that these two are meant for each other, and we will probably spend the rest of season seeing them spin in circles rooting for them to 'go out already'.

The eyes were really cute. They did a lot with Futaba's eyes, not just when they are huge and round, but the chibi/cute eyes had a lot of variety too! Which is really interesting because Mabuchi, on the other hand, covers his eyes when he gets embarrassed! While Futaba just blushes.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Shōnen Hollywood Discussion

I'm interested. It reminds me of UtaPri, but it feels more 'down-to-earth', while also still feeling light. The distinguishing features of each character seem a lot more relatable than the characters in UtaPri. You have the main character who is kind of like a blank-slate, going along through school, they did a good job laying that out in the first few minutes. It might seem like a lot introducing all the male characters at once, but I see potential to explore them more. A former child star, a guy with pride.. that's pretty much all I remember. It'll be interesting to see how they identify each character, they don't have the benefit of extremely bright hair like UtaPri did, and Shonen Hollywood isn't using any chibi antics.

So I'm preparing for some interesting character development. I like that they showed the rehearsal. If it feels embarrassing, it will look embarrassing to others. The whole idea of 'practice makes perfect' and how you have to fake it first before you embody it, is relevant to all performance arts, and more generally how we present ourselves in public. Also, I liked the scene on the train where the girls give them giggly glances. I wonder how the main character's awareness of how he is perceived by others changes as the series progresses (if at all).

Now excuse me while I practice my interpretive dance moves *starts flailing arms and posing*.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Aldnoah.Zero Discussion

Gundam Seed and Gargantia? "Oh you're on the fence about this whole Mars vs. Earth thing? BAM cute girl dead, do you care now? Of course you do! Keep watching to find out what happens next."

Thanks.. And of course civilians suffer thanks to the screw ups and decisions of people in power. Iduno, it seems pretty cookie cutter so far. I slightly high hopes for this since it's from Gen Urobochi (Psycho-Pass, Madoka), but I'm starting to think his only good story was Psycho-Pass, but even with Psycho-Pass near the end, like with Madoka, it's like he was feeling himself too hard with the story, going on long pseudo-philosophic rants.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Sailor Moon Crystal Discussion

I enjoyed the solar system opening, showing all the planets (alluding to all the different Sailor girls yet to be introduced, then zeroing in on the Moon and Earth). Had a nice Space Brothers vibe to it!

I'm glad they kept some of the clumsy school girl charm, but I still think the art feels a little angular and the girls are too skinny..

Haha, I can't watch these types of hero shows without Samurai Flamenco in the back of my head. I find myself questioning what exactly is being portrayed as "good" or "evil", and how characters are being represented etc. Some people say Sailor Moon is feminist since it shows girls taking care of themselves and fighting evil (among other reasons), even the OP had a line saying "we don't need men to protect us". But I'm not sure it's so simple.

For example, grades and jewellry. Usagi gets bad grades, but she stopped some evil homunculus from siphoning power off women, so that makes her good right? The homunculus took advantage of women's desire for fancy jewelry in the first place. But wasn't able to snag Usagi because of her poor grades and Usagi feeling guilty about getting bad grades and thus not rewarding herself. *eek* capitalism!

At the same time we have the media portrayal of "Sailor V" in the news and video games. I guess part of the reason this genre is so popular is seeing those heroes turn out to be ordinary humans.. ahh the power of slice of life. Then it's a matter of finding a balance between comedy, action and serious time.

Anyways... I enjoyed Luna, she feels cuter somehow. Also, since I watched the english dub of Sailor Moon as a child, I kind of miss the "meatball head" joke. It went well with her clumsiness, but I'm not sure if japanese has a good equivalent. The transformation sequence and the boomerang was alright, but it's not the same as the original! (no duh). Haha, for those interested, here is the english dub of Sailor Moon for comparison, feels more whimsical to me, also watch for the meatball head joke at around 9:40:

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Boku no Pico » How did Boku No Pico became famous?

YOOOOOO I thought this video was the only reason Boku became famous..

There was also a parody of this video for Homestuck... which led me to get into Homestuck for a bit.. but dropped it after a few weeks of bingeing on it a few years back.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Space Dandy Discussion

It's like... Redline x Cowboy Bebob x Lupin III x some crazy retro mech anime. Lol I duno how to feel about that, but this is definitely on my radar.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Nagi no Asakura Discussion

Okay wow I'm almost 'caught up' with the series (just finished watching ep9), and damn, this anime could really blow itself out of the water with all the apocalypse stuff. It could take a very depressing/sobering turn.. which would be a huge contrast to all the progress that was made between the kids and their friendships. On the other hand it could still go for a happy ending, like some deus ex machina resolution, where everything turns out okay.. Either way it will be interesting to see how it's handled.

Hmm from the looks of it, the apocalypse will be an ice age. Haha, which is basically reverse global warming. The anime hasn't done too much with those environmental themes, but I guess it's still interesting to keep in mind.

It's still mysterious exactly what role Uroko-sama and the "sea god" plays in this whole thing. There was that little bit with Uroko trying to freeze Akari and Hikari from leaving for the surface, maybe they have some control over the weather? On one hand it just sounds like they want their species to survive, without much of a care for surface people. Which I guess makes sense. Heh we also get the classic "choose how to spend the last days before the apocalypse" dilemma. Land people don't have a choice because they can't go underwater where it is safer, but sea people do!

If this ice age really happens and land people get wiped out, it will be like resetting the ecological situation. Since (at least in the anime's mythology) people used to all live in the sea, and then moved on land.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Nagi no Asakura Discussion

Episode 2 thoughts (no such thing as late =P): I totally don't remember who those 2 kids are, I was just as baffled as Hikari, but it was cute anyways and animation was great. So it looks like the racism goes both ways, sea people not wanting to lose their own kind, and land peeps feeling distant from sea peeps. But in the end it looks like LOVE TRANSCENDS ALL BOUNDARIES! *cough*... It will be interesting how this anime gets to that end though, and how the characters deal with their life/love/self problems. Heh also they did a good job on making it look like Akari was about to get raped as punishment for going out with a land person. -.-" Last note, so is Uroko-sama a god, spirit person? MAL says he's the "Lord of the village"? I feel like the story is saving some important role for him to do in the story.. we shall see.

Episode 3 thoughts: Lol well looks like the writer was having a field day with these love polygons.. The placement of Tsumugu's first laughing, and the first time all the "main characters" have a moment of sheer joy when they jump in the pool was well done. Hmm yeah sucks that having Ena skin is a recessive trait. Hah like some children, Hikari is just stubborn and willing to do rash things to stick up for what he believes in. Hmm we never really got to hear why Akira was having a thing for that dude, but it looks like she just wants to shove it into her unconscious and look strong for her younger brother.. which sucks. The tease with the old man possibly having Ena skin.... *COUGH* genetic engineering, did I call it or what?! Lol j/king, I guess we'll see if he appears again later. I mean he is Tsumugu's old man right?... so maybe Tsumugu is a sea descendant? somehow?

Ep4 thoughts: And with forgiveness comes acceptance, compassion and a deepening of friendships. o3o" I Enjoyed the mirroring family situations, both losing their mother. Doling out the melodrama like it's nothing! It was alright though, seeing Muina and Sayu's characters develop. Hmm just enough mystery surrounding Uroko-sama again and his relationship to the God.

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Fan-Fic » Friend Thread: Tales of Happy and Meowth

@takashichea: Hmm now that I think about how I envisioned Friends thread, it doesn't really belong to Fanfic, although this could definitely take off too! It's not really about writing how characters become friends, but just looking at them as a whole and discussing whether it would be possible, or not and why. Scenarios might come up but that would be secondary. If only there was a "Friendship" concept page *cough*, but there is a "Shipping" page and a "broken friendship" page D=/. Shipping has intimate undertones and broken friendship sounds so negative, haha.

Thanks though Taka, I appreciate the thought, and I know you're probably just as busy as I am with school this time of year.

Hah, I can't write much either right now, but I guess I can give a scenario without discussion:

Hmm the Team Rocket trio and Happy. Lol wish I knew more about Happy but judging by Team Rocket's pokemon kidnapping plans, I guess first they might try to trick Happy to go along with them (thinking that he's a pokemon) and trying to see if he's worth anything, maybe make him do some labor, or hatch another get-rich quick scheme. Then Happy might become seriously homesick from being away from Natsu and the other guild people and try and turn away from them.

Does Happy have any powers? Maybe Team Rocket could be found in a sticky/dangerous situation, Happy helps them out and Happy somehow finds his way back to Natsu and the others leaving Team Rocket all teary-eyed because they finally have a loving appreciation for the little guy. I mean.. Team Rocket isn't that bad underneath it all.

Perhaps the goodbye would go something like THIS:


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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Pupa Discussion

@takashichea: This is unfortunate, I had a blast with Yamishibai last season. These short anime are excellent to keep up with during school time. Ehh in the end length of episode doesn't determine quality of an anime. You need a good artistic vision and team to make a story work.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Kill la Kill Discussion

Haha just watched episode 3: so the gauntlet has been set. The whole "embodying" your clothing theme was great and fit nicely with the ideas I was throwing around earlier! The animation for the fight scene was top notch again. 20+ more episodes of this, oh man. xD

Edit: alright I just watched episode 4, Lol the snippets of classical music being thrown into this is funny. E.g. Handel's Hallelujah when Ryuko's pantsu are shown, Bach's Toccata and Fugue in d when the spiked loop is revealed, Chopin's Funeral March when Mako's dad and brother crash.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Nagi no Asakura Discussion

@takashichea said:

Hikari is worried that he will lose more of his loved ones to the surface after losing his mother. When the surface people and sea people have a baby, the baby doesn't have Ena. It furthers hinder the relationship between the races.

Oh! That's some genetic level stuff! Now I'm thinking about which would be more advantageous. On the one hand it can allow sea people to have a closer relationship with nature, the ocean and such. But on the other hand, the sea people could be at a disadvantage because they have to recharge (in a sense) in salt water. Since land people don't have this limitation they can explore further on land, in the air, and even dive down into the ocean with the right technology.

Hmm I wonder if it would be possible for the sea people to develop some technology to help them survive on land longer. Or maybe do some crazy genetic engineering to make it so that humans can live both in water and on land with no side effects! >=D Haha

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Kill la Kill Discussion

Just watched ep 2. So the plot thickens as Senketsu was made by Ryuko's father. Looks like every time Ryuko beats a Goku-uniform-user a red thread goes into Senketsu. Possibly Senketsu is getting stronger, and there might be some dark secret to how the Goku uniforms are made.

Lol those authoritarian themes and stark class distinctions. Lol the vanity of clothing/uniform being the distinguishing factor of each class.

Someone commented on the episode that this series basically takes several anime tropes and blows them up to the extreme. Like bishonen, magical girl, revenge plots, huge shonen battle sequences etc. I agree, but the humor that results from this exaggeration is pretty shallow as a result... but maybe that's the point xD. I can tell Kill la Kill is going to be a fun rollercoaster ride, maybe like some of those R-rated Hollywood comedies/action flick B-movies? (sorry I don't know my film genres but maybe like something by Tarantino??) But at the same time this worries me.

Hmm.. i wonder if I watched FLCL now, if it I would be just as amazing as I was back when I first watched it.. maybe I'm getting too old for this. Lol Or maybe I'm just tired xD

EDIT: It just occurred to me after reading some earlier comments saying how the Kamui are alive. Perhaps this is some crazy metaphor for how our clothing is made from natural materials, some even killing live animals to make (animal furs, leather etc). That we should respect our clothing more and treat it like a living thing, that is separate from our bodies.

And THEN perhaps that is all just a crazy metaphor for how clothing can utterly transform a person's outward identity. The right clothes give a person "strength" or confidence that the person might otherwise not have. Like a kind of persona attached to the clothing. And then when Ryuko cuts up her enemy's clothes, it's really liberating them from the trappings of that fake persona! HAH! Then it would be hilarious if by the end of the series Ryuko destroys her own kamui, or goes on a rampage trying to destroy all the goku uniforms, since they can be so restrictive! And Ryuko even has to sacrifice blood for her clothes to "work". Kind of reminds me of women wearing high heels.. THE PAIN, oh god.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Nagi no Asakura Discussion

Just watched episode 1: Reminded me immediately of Tsuritama because of the ocean theme, bright art style, and use of myths! By myth I mean how all humans once lived in the sea, and then came onto land. Which is true from an evolutionary perspective, how we were all descended from single cell organisms, and long ago the earth was almost entirely covered in water.

The love triangle/square (if you count Chisaki as having feelings for Hikari) was pretty funny. The racism/social-class bullying was interesting, but I can see it being used superficially to advance the plot or deepen character relationships. Like how in this episode Manaka gets embarrassed and is bullied by classmates because she is from the ocean, which is a trigger for her running off and getting found by Tsumugu, which ends up making their relationship a little more intimate and causing Hikari to be jealous.

Unlike Tsuritama, this anime has a lot more room to deepen the story, characters and world (26 episodes), so I'm looking forward to how things turn out. Since this anime is being done by P.A. Works, which also did Hanasaku Iroha (which was also 26eps), perhaps we will get some deeper emotional punches in episodes to come. Right now it seems like we're dipping into the shallow end of the pool so to speak. xD

P.S. Also is it just me or do all the characters from the ocean have blue eyes?

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Pupa Discussion

munch munch...

Hmm now that I get a look at the art style, it kind of looks like a /d/ visual novel or hentai manga that got turned into an anime. Uhh.. maybe like School Days meets This isn't a Zombie meets Yosuga no Sora??? Except with darker themes? I'm still pretty excited to see how much this pushes the boundaries, if it does at all.

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#Anime Vice Discussion Threads » Kill la Kill Discussion

That was very refreshing after not watching anime for a few days. Animation was killer, and everything is over the top in a tongue-in-cheek way. Funny how the student council is the powerhouse, and the actual adult principal and teachers are powerless to what's going on. Come to think of it the whole "powerless/joke principal/teachers" is a fairly common trope. Well, all the teachers are powerless except perhaps the homeroom teacher who kicked Ryoko down that trap door and set her up with that power suit.

The anti-anarchy themes are cute. Haha, I guess Mako's little brother has good reason for ditching school if the student council is that bad. What a terrific institution for learning! Interested to see how Satsuki's character gets developed and the story behind the scissor. I'm kind of taking the whole power suit thing to be "typical anime", but the fact that Ryoko's suit demanded blood is interesting... and there was that little red thread that went into the suit after defeating the boxer, so maybe something cool and amazing will happen with that which goes beyond "typical anime"? o.O I'm pretty excited regardless!

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