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I am excited to announce that I have dipped my big toe into the huge pool of purchasing things online that is related to anime! With the DVD version of 5 Centimeters Per Second. I can't personally recommend it yet, since I haven't watched it yet. Instead I'm blogging about how I came to purchase it. Feel free to stop reading at any time if you are bored with my story.

Last Christmas, one of my aunts gave me a $50 gift certificate for Amazon. Coincidentally, before Christmas, I had already purchased a HORI fightstick for myself on Amazon (Links: to amazon, to my unboxing video). At the time I felt somewhat unlucky that I couldn't have put the gift certificate toward my fightstick. But now that I've finally spent the gift certificate, I can't imagine it going any other way.

Some background info about my family: My parents are appropriately skeptical about buying stuff online and giving out credit card information. They are okay with buying stuff from trusted vendors such as chapters or amazon, but would rather not buy stuff online if there was another option. So, buying something online is a real treat for me! I ended up spending the $50 certificate on 2 books, and an anime DVD. The total came out to about $51.10 or something. The two books I bought was 1. A short anthology of Plato's dialogues. 2. A version of the KJV Bible.

Originally I had intended to buy only books, to keep my brain active during summer. So here's a rough idea of how I decided on what books to buy, and then how I decided on 5 Centimeters Per Second. Firstly I've been told over and over again that the Bible is the most referenced text in literature. One of my professors even went to far as to claim that if you haven't read the Bible you are illiterate... A bold claim, but every now and then I got the nagging feeling that I should eventually read it. So I settled with this edition.

Then I remembered that, another huge text that I haven't read yet, is the Republic. In high school philosophy, my teacher had intended to teach the Republic, but we just didn't have enough time and had to skip it. Then in first year philosophy, the way the course was built, didn't allow a reading of the Republic. So here I am, having NOT read the Republic. After reading about the various popular translations of The Republic, and the merits of all of them, I eventually settled on this anthology, which included the Republic. Since I haven't read half of the dialogues in the anthology, and it was so cheap, it was a great deal.

Then the two books came to about $20. Then I thought that, if I'm buying these two books, I'm probably set for the summer in terms of reading, why not buy an anime movie? I can't splurge on bandwidth anymore since I'm sharing with my family again. This includes, not downloading or streaming for extending periods of time (especially using torrents). So it came down to two movies, 5 Centimeters Per Second or Summer Wars. I have heard great things about both movies, but I eventually settled for 5 Centimeters. Amazing visuals for both the movies, and great reviews all around, it was a hard decisions.  I guess I'm just a sucker for the romantic premise of the story.

It might have been this trailer that sold me:        
I am pretty excited to finally get a chance to watch this anime movie, and in good quality too! And to think, if I had waited until after Christmas to purchase my HORI fightstick, I might never have considered buying anything anime-related online at all. Next thing you know, I'll start buying anime series box sets, anime character figurines, posters and blu-ray dvds whenever I feel like it! Haha, hopefully it doesn't get to that point though. ;)
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