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Here's what my "Watching" list looks like on myanimelist. As you can see the only Fall anime I've gotten around to checking out are both Persona 4 and Squid Girl 2.

FMA:Brotherhood - 32/64 Episodes:

Gankutsuou - 17/24 Episodes: I feel like both Brotherhood and Gankutsuou demand my full attention when I am watching them. Since they are both so heavily plot driven, I try to watch episodes from either of the series only when I am fully awake and in a relatively good mood. Both are shaping up very very well, and I highly reccomend both series.

Kimi ni Todoke - 21/25 Episodes: Unlike Brotherhood and Gankutsuou, Kimi ni Todoke is very easy to watch. Kimi ni Todoke is just so simple, inspiring and heart-warming story. I'm probably going to jump right into the second season after I finish the first season. After that I'll probably finally get around to watching Clannad: Afterstory, man it feels like forever since I finished watching Clannad...

Heaven's Memo Pad - 10/12 Episodes: I want to finish this anime soon, probably this weekend if I get enough work done on my essays. Honestly though, I'm fine leaving this one unfinished for a little while, the series turned out to be not that great toward the end, and it doesn't seem like they're going to be doing anything interesting for the conclusion.

Mawaru Penguindrum - 8/24 Episodes: Yep, I haven't been keeping up. It's not available online legally, so video quality is sometimes a bit buggy, maybe now better versions have been uploaded, but in the last few episodes I watched there were some obvious visual bugs... which is bad for an anime which has such a vibrant art style.

One Piece - 55/???? Episodes: Yes, I put 4 question marks there. One Piece is pretty easy to watch too, but it strikes a different chord than Kimi ni Todoke. One Piece is an adventure story! The more I watch of One Piece, the easier it gets to be swept up away in the world of One Piece and the adventures of the Straw Hat crew.

Squid Girl 2 - 1/?? Episodes: I'm pretty happy about the first episode. I don't particularly like the ending theme, I think the ending theme for the first season was perfect. Not sure what direction this season will end up taking, but first episode definitely delivered more Squidiness. Sometimes I find myself thinking of squid puns.

Persona 4 - 1/?? Episodes: The best for last I suppose. I checked this one out only two days ago. It's a pretty great start. Having watched the endurance run it is interesting to think about what a person watching this without any exposure to Persona 4 would think of it. The pacing feels very very fast, but is very faithful to the game. It's a pretty hard task to turn a 70+ hour game into roughly 11 hours. I wouldn't really recommend watching this for people who aren't already familiar with Persona 4. Many things are taken directly out of the game and used to good effect, there were many times I went, "OHH SHH-".... I was pretty excited.

Man this took longer than I thought it would to write... Oh well, Hopefully tomorrow I will have time to watch and write a plot summary for episode 2 of Squid Girl 2. Until then, happy thanksgiving, may your anime-watching habits do well.

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