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 So Rihoko's chapter just finished. Somehow they are keeping it interesting. I like how the other girls are kept in the same universe and Juinichi still has some sort of interaction with the others. It's so hard to say which arcs I've liked the most. Except for Haruka (the first arc) I've liked all the other arcs, they've each had something nice. 
I honestly thought Rihoko was eventually going to confess and they would have some hot kissing scene or something, it was sort of open-ended. Like Rihoko is still the same person that she was at the beginning, on a diet, falls over when running, sort of spacey etc. Except now she has the responsibility of taking care of the Tea Club and is closer friends with Juinichi (even though they started out as childhood friends anyways). I guess what I have trouble with, is that there wasn't really any consummation in their relationship, like they're stuck forever to be good childhood friends and that's it. I guess I didn't really like Rihoko's optimism either... I mean being cute can only get  you so far. It's sort of the same reason I started not to like K-ON toward the end, because of the extreme optimism everyone was exuding.
I think coming into the series I thought Rihoko would be the most interesting character, because even though she's spacey and cute on the surface, maybe she is really interesting on the inside and can be really romantic. By the end of episode 20 I guess Rihoko just seems a bit of a stock character. 
Anyways that's my thoughts. I'm hoping the last character, the class rep (forgot her name), is interesting and has some depth, you know like.. when she's not being a class rep. Looking forward to it! 
P.S. I wonder how they're going to set up the initial encounters between class rep and Juinichi, i mean so far it seems the class rep is so busy with school stuff, and is sort of stiff but nice. Can't imagine her doing anything crazy or playing cute... eh we'll see.
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So I just finished watching season 1 of Clannad. Tomoyo is so awesome, my favourite female character in the series. Previously I noted how crying in this anime just doesn't look right, but when Tomoyo cried in this episode it looked so natural. The relationship between Tomoyo and Tomoya hit me alot closer than Nagisa and Tomoya. I guess I sort of wish that I had that "big sister" figure in my life. And I find myself always looking down on myself like how Tomoya was doing in this episode. Too bad this was just an alternate arc. I find it alot more believable, maybe it's just because I don't like Nagisa..
Overall I guess I'll give the series a 8/10. It had good humor, interesting characters, ending to regular arc was sort of annoying. It got overly melodramatic at some points, which is interesting because I didn't find episode 24 melodramatic at all, it just totally made sense to me. Whereas when I was watching some of the stuff happening between Nagisa and Tomoya, at a number of points I was thinking, "whhaat?? really?" The series had a nice array of characters, even though in the end they didn't really matter. 
If I could rate episode 24 by itself, I'd give it a 10/10. I could easily imagine it as a movie. It didn't try to do too much in the time it was given, and came together as a whole, unlike the main Clannad story.  
P.S. I think I'm going to wait a bit before I start watching After Story. I have a number of other anime I want to finish up/get going (aside from the Fall animes).
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Just finished watching Paranoia Agent ep 2, omg so awesome. I thought of Evangelion during this episode...
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So I figured I'd record my impressions after watching each episode of Clannad. I only got this idea after I started doing that with Highschool of the Dead (which just ended) and I'm now going to do it with Clannad. It helps me reflect on what I just watched, and it's always nice to see what other people have to say about the same episode, so I hope other people find it interesting too. I'll be updating this blog post after I watch a new episode of Clannad.
Episode 15: 
Great episode! I actually feel like the plot is moving again! I love how they used the club activities to tie it back to Tomoyo Sakagami (the girl who kicks Sunohara around for the first couple eps). Fuko, makes a timely appearance to break the monotony.. always welcome. And we meet Sunohara's little sister, how nice. 
Episode 16 (watched Sept. 22, 2010): 
Mei could have stayed longer I felt. The basketball match was great, good suspense building. I like that the anime is being more light-hearted now that Kotomi's arc has passed. Sunohara is great. Also I can't wait to see more of Tomoyo-chan, hopefully her story isn't as melodramatic as Kotomi's. I'm starting to find it interesting that Tomoya-kun keeps saying he and Sunohara are deliquents, but the anime chooses very wisely not to emphasize that they are skipping class, or that there's anything bad about it. Maybe I can start skipping class if I befriend cute girls and help them with all my might? ... No that probably wouldn't come across well.
Episode 17 (watched Sept. 22, 2010): 
Another great episode. Things are starting to heat up. I liked the scene where it's just Tomoya in the club room and he's leaning back in the chair, because I do that all the time when I have alot on my mind and can't quite concentrate. I made a huge realization when watching this episode: no matter how great the story is, it doesn't and is not meant to reflect reality. Instead it selects what to show, what we hear and what we see in order to shape a meaningful whole. For example, in a classroom before class starts it'd probably be really noisy, multiple people talking at the same time, laughing, pulling back their chairs, shuffling feet, makes it hard to concentrate on the person are talking to. But in anime, or TV or movies, they (people working on the show) are very selective of what they want us to see and hear. It's like how in most anime scenes where there are lots of people, they only animate the important characters. Or sometimes if they want things to be chaotic they will animate a lot of people. Getting back to the anime.. I can't wait to watch the next episode, maybe later tonight, or tomorrow morning, can't wait!
Episode 18 (watched Sept. 24, 2010):
Good episode, I enjoyed Tomoyo's backstory, learning about her brother and her parents. Sunohara is always hilarious, energetic as ever. I'd almost forgotten how cute Kotomi can be, (something about intelligent, cute and spacey girls just is so adorable). I liked the breakfast scene where they all visit him and bring food for Tomoya-kun, that was funny without being outrageous, it certainly built up the tension between the girls. It was hard watching the Fyujibashi sisters crying, something about it didn't look right, maybe it was the tears or something, iduno. I get the feeling that the next episode is gonna be really serious >.> as it starts to explore Tomoya's relationship with his father, hopefully it doesn't get too melodramatic like with Kotomi's plot.
Episode 19 (watched Sept. 25, 2010:
Sorry I'm writing this a few days after I actually watched the episode. But anyways, horray Tomoyo-chan is Student Council President! ^-^ and the Theater Club has been successfully reestablished! I like how Nagisa is sort of carrying on for Tomoyo, how she is now taking care of Tomoya. It's pretty interesting, but it's annoying that the show doesn't give any reason for why Tomoya-kun hates his father so much... but I guess that's the way they want it to be. If I remember correctly the show is trying to set up some sort of mysterious secret about Nagisa... Again hopefully it isn't too melodramatic. Great episode overall, I really liked when Sunohara was playing around with the Keyboard xD.
Episode 20 (watched Oct. 3, 2010):
I had a flash of K-ON when they all started talking about getting ready for the performance and rehearsing and stuff. (Yes I know Clannad came out years before K-ON) >.> Didn't really like this episode, felt sort of drawn out how Nagisa finally figures out her parent's past. Iduno, maybe I just don't like Nagisa... but it's not really doing a great job of making me feel for Nagisa... I feel like the ending is gonna be sort of half-assed, but we'll see!
Episode 22 (watched Oct. 9, 2010):
I guess I just didn't feel like writing my impressions for Episode 21 o.O because I just watched episode 22. haha. This episode was alright. And 22 episodes in and I still can't get over the way eyes and hair are drawn, hard to believe that only a few years ago this was normal. Like, I don't find Nagisa cute at all, but I feel like I'm supposed to. Also, something about the crying doesn't look right in this anime. I still don't understand what that girl and the robot have to do anything... just waiting for some sort of deus ex machina. It feels like Nagisa is in her own little world, and everything else revolves around her, this would be conveyed better if it was more psychological, like we see things from Nagisa's perspective. But the series sets it up so that there are all these different characters, Okazaki, Kotomi, the Fyujibashi sisters, Sunohara... and right now they're just getting pushed aside for Nagisa, and doing everything they can for her, just seemed sort of ridiculous. It's not even like each of them have their own reason for doing things or want to work together to create something big, it's just ALL for Nagisa, which is completely unrealistic. One thing I really liked was how they showed the tape of Akio-san performing on stage, and those words echoed in Nagisa's head, then you see Akio burst in like "YOU CAN DO IT" I thought it was really well done scene, the tension was really good. I was half expecting the audience to start getting restless, but this anime wouldn't do that. I almost hoped that Nagisa didn't need people to tell her it was okay, it would have been better if she could work it out herself and tell herself she could do it.
Episode 23 (watched Oct. 9, 2010):
Alright a bit more light hearted, I appreciated the return of some of the comedic elements, like Akio eating Sanae's bread, Sunohara getting excited when meeting a girl but turns out to be Mei. Mei is pretty awesome. When Okazaki was trying to imagine the possibilities, that was pretty funny. Nagisa was better in this episode, but I still don't like her... after all this. I think I'm gonna wait a while before starting to watch AfterStory. Good episode.  I still don't like how it's all centered around Okazaki + Nagisa now, like what was the point of having all of these separate character plots if your just going to ignore them in the end to focus on these 2 characters? 
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So I just finished watching Evangelion, and wow. I got really anxious toward the end of the last episode, I was like "how are they going to wrap everything up?!" I just love how almost the entire last 2 episodes are completely in Shinji's mind. And even at the end, even though everyone's saying congratulations it's still in his mind, he's still thinking to himself. I think that's why I felt uncomfortable at first with the ending. But it is so amazing and everything from the first episode to the last just comes together so well, to produce an almost unforgettably hauntingly poetic experience.. 
okay.. anyways. *somewhat flustered* here's "myanimelist", (url if link isn't working: )so you can see what I've watched haven't watched, thinking about watching etc.
I'm also thinking about watching FMA, but (long story short) a friend of mine pretty much ruined the anime for me by promising to take of her shirt for me if I got through the entire anime in a week (I was like 12). So I ended up fast forwarding alot and not understanding anything. But I think maybe I should go back and start from the beginning, or maybe just watch Brotherhood? 
Also I hear alot about Bleach, One Piece and Naruto... Was never really into Bleach or One Piece mainly because the art style turned me off and I never really liked the characters, but maybe i'm just judging a book by its cover. Naruto I liked, but I was watching the dub, and I think the Naruto voice actor got on my nerves so I stopped watching. 
Recommend away Anime Vice! I probably wouldn't have watched Evangelion if it weren't for this site, or Eden of the East, or Time of Eve, or Tokyo Magnitude. So for that thankyou.
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