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 Great episode! I'm starting to realize just how on-point the animation, sounds and music is in this anime. This, Oreimo and Star Driver have to be my favourite this season. Ika-chan was a lot more likable in this episode. Probably because she didn't really do anything crazy this time around, and I'm also in a good mood, which is why I bothered to take screenshots.
Sweet I figured out how to order the screenshots! (You have to highlight them in order you want them to be). So the screenshots here are ordered right to left, earliest in episode to latest in episode. Comments on screenshots: The part in the opening where Ika-chan plays with the nintendo cartridge cracks me up everytime. That Noh Rider intro was pretty hilarious, I was almost hoping it was an actual series. Oh math, glad I don't have to deal with that anymore. Also, that fried rice...yumm... All the plots in this episode were very entertaining and well-done I found.
I'm starting to see Ika-chan as the scheming fool (stock character in comedic tradition). In my previous blog I expressed the hope that Ika-chan would experience some sort of epiphany where she finally takes a step back and realizes what she's doing, thus becoming more independent and resolved. But really the aim of comedy is not a sort of cathartic resolution. My drama professor told me that comedy is the disruption of habit. So it's funny when a character like Ika-chan plans with all her might to take over the world. By expecting things to turn out a certain way she just falls flat on her face! Then we can all laugh at the aftermath. Then the process starts all over again! 
Can't wait to watch the next episode, in fact i might just.... ahh maybe tomorrow ;) or maybe noww o_O? Damn I am freaking myself out, okay end of blog entry.
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 I realize I'm behind in this series, but I guess it's more of a wannabe Watch and Learn more than anything. Helps me get my thoughts out and I can practice writing in an informal way.
Anyways, the second half of this episode was brilliant, with the mini squid girl. I'm almost hoping now that we will be introduced to another squid girl/guy, just to contrast the main character. However it would be very tedious if the other squid is just the same as squid girl, i.e. wants to take over the world, is dense, unknowledgable and childish. This series has a knack of resparking my interest just when I start thinking, omg Ika-chan is so annoying, I wish she would just shutup and stop being stupid, and then BAM the series pulls something like the mini squid girl. This is probably intentional, to mirror the way a child thinks and behaves in short burst as the child explores and is temporarily fascinated by novel stimuli before moving on to more novel stimuli.
So a few words on cuteness... I'm torn between whether or not cuteness is a good thing or not. Essentially cuteness is the measure of how child-like someone is. As such a person that is cute will elicit from others feelings sympathy including the desire to take care of the cute person (because of the fact that they appear/behave child-like). I mean it's great to be able to feel that way and want to help a cute person, but it can also be bad because the cute person might learn to be cute all the time and never be independant. 
With that said I hope Ika-chan does become more independent or resolved by the end of the anime, I remain interested to see how it turns out. 
P.S. Sorry no screenshots, was not expect to write this =o.
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Woohooo! Pretty awesome episode. ^-^ It's great because when Kirino is cheering in the crowd, "OMG is this 3D?! CG?! ACHH *nosebleed*" It's still in 2D ;D haha. Oreimo does have a few subtle jokes like that every now and then which is nice and not overdone. Animation, music and sound quality continues to be amazing. With only two more episodes in the season it's hard to see how it's going to wrap up. Will she ever come to terms with her brother? It's been fairly consistently cute so far, and the comedy is well-timed, side-characters are interesting while still progressing the main-plot. 
I was just thinking about which characters I like and why. There's not really any character in this anime that I really don't like, I like all of them in some degree, they're all just so likable in their own little way... But the characters I like the least are the two main characters, Kirino and Kyou. Something about their relationship just really bothers me at times. From the beginning I am half-expecting some sort of convoluted birth story about how their not really siblings... and somehow that will allow them to become closer. I guess we'll see what happens. 
This part was pretty awesome... and hilarious. Subliminal message maybe?
This part was pretty awesome... and hilarious. Subliminal message maybe?

OH GOSH she's so cute! HHHNNNNGGG
OH GOSH she's so cute! HHHNNNNGGG
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Interesting episode, I like how Ayatsuji's character is turning out, I am interested to see how it turns out. We haven't really gotten down to the meat of Ayatsuji's character yet. I foresee we may eventually find out what is "scribbled" in her notebook, and we'll probably learn more about her family and sister, I wonder where her parents are, or what they do? =o I made an effort to take screenshots while watching this episode for some visual accompaniment, unlike my previous blog. So here they are! 

Wow I just figured out how to insert multiple images! But BAH! They aren't in chronological order! URGHH Alright well for those who haven't seen it yet, the chronology pretty much goes from left most image to right most image, earliest in episode to latest in episode. 
It's almost like if Mio had a different side, which is great because toward the end Mio and the rest of the K-ON cast started becoming really flat as characters, not a lot of depth. Also I just want to say...those eyes!! HNNNGGG, so cute... Morishima's reappearance in this episode felt really out of place. I guess from the start I didn't really like her as a character, and the anime seems to keep her as a foolish character for comic relief. This is interesting because, on the other hand I have liked the reappearance of other characters which the current Arc is not focused on. It's nice to know that the other characters exist, like Nanasaki, Sae-chan, Rihoko and Kaoru... but not Morishima, I just don't like her... 
I feel like Ayatsuji-san might fall into just another tsundere, or other stock character type, but hopefully it doesn't do that and she stays interesting. I wonder how this relationship will be resolved without being too artificial or relying on crazy plot twists. 
P.S. If anyone knows how to attach images to episodes or series let me know.
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That was great. I love how they set it up at the beginning, how Ayatsuji is like "Maybe next year," and at the same time Juinichi and Umehara are also hoping to get girlfriends next year. I also didn't expect Juinichi to get on the committee, there was almost no setup for that, so for that reason it sort of came off as spontaneous and a surprise, which made it interesting. But how Tachibana explained it, how he doesn't want to run away from the Founder's Festival, I mean he could have done something else like... join a club that does something for the Founder's Festival (like the tea club). I suppose the lesson, is that sometimes you just have to take what opportunities you are presented with, and react to them (almost) spontaneously! Haha I thought that was cool.
Since the start of Amagami SS, Ayatsuji-san has sort of been that model student, perfect, calm, hard-working and all-the-while cheerful and smiling! I'm glad that there is some other side to her, I think it'll be great to see what happens. But at the same time I hope they don't go overboard, and try to make it somehow reasonable why she is the way she is. I'm guessing the older sister we will run into again. The ending caught me off guard, I was like "woahh," but also intrigued at the same time. Also the preview was great, "those eyes." Eyes are so awesome, I wish I was comfortable looking girls in the eye... *awkward silence*
The pool scene was also great. Good to see that the anime still finds excuses to see girls in mizugi, while not overdoing it.
Can't wait for next episode!
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