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Haha that was great. I could've done without the recap of all the ghosts during the first part of the episode. Brilliant dramatic setup with Brief & Panty. I almost for once felt sorry for Panty at the end of the episode. I'm guessing last episode is going to be some sort of happy resolution, restoration or marriage, that's how comedies usually end. But who knows, Gainax has done some unorthodox things with this series so I'm interested to see how they wrap things up. I can't say I loved the series so far, but it has been fun and entertaining mostly. Hmmm... cartoon? or anime? Eh...
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Hehe, this episode was pretty good. The introduction of the new cute, spacey female character, who doesn't seem to be a bad guy, set the tone of this episode to be more upbeat. I don't really understand the Glittering Crux/Star, but from what I understand they want to DESTROY Takuto and Tauburn, and use Cy-bodies to their own advantage. In this episode, I liked the hidden smaller Glittering Star group, how they were in that bar-like setting, playing darts, I thought that part was well done. It certainly contrasted the formal snobbishness of the normal Glittering Crux meetings, with them all in a circle and you can hear the invisible audience reacting to what their saying etc. 
Also lately, when it comes to Takuto's transformation sequence I find myself automatically saying along with him, "GINGA BISHOOUUNEN!! TAUUUBURRRNN" xDD Ofcourse not as loud as that, because it's sort of embarrassing.. >.> I guess coming into the series I thought transformation sequences were sort of lame and that I'd gotten past that, but I guess it's sort of like the transformations in Sailor Moon combined with going super saiyan in Dragon Ball Z (both series I used to watch alot as a kid). 
I can't wait to see how this series continues to develop it's been a fun ride so far, hopefully it keeps it up!
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This anime has started out strongly, even though I felt this episode wasn't that great... probably because I don't really like Zakuro. I thought the combat sequences were really well done in earlier episodes, but this episode they decided to focus on more character development. Here we have the standard, guy brings home girl to introduce to family while hiding secret about girl from family. In this case the secret is that the girl is actually a half-spirit. Hopefully next episode there will be more action with more of the other characters! As I mentioned the combat sequences are really well done in this anime. I guess I sort of wish it didn't center so much around Zakuro and Kei, but then again this might be because it has been a long time since I last watched an episode of this anime. 
Yeah, this episode was not that great, but I do recommend people check out the series if you haven't already. First couple of episodes are really well done if I remember correctly. We'll see what happens next episode!!
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I would've liked more Manami, she is just the cutest... But no, they just had to use her as setup for plot development. Ah well, i guess it's expected since it's very close to end of series. The cat/maid cosplay was cute too. The part where Ruri-chan presents her manga was fairly entertaining if you consider the larger ramifications. What I mean is, to a certain extent an author's work represents what the author wants to communicate, and obviously they draw their ideas from somewhere, even if they do not themselves realize it. So, should manga be censored if it is too strongly based on real-life characters? I'm leaning towards no, I guess it depends on how much character represents the real person and how much/if at all the real person is negatively effected by the character representation... Anyways here's some screenshots *diversion*:
As I said.. Manami-chan... very cute. I find I'm having weird urges to take screens of food, I don't know why, but I held back. Screenshots not too exciting, I avoided taking screens of the eroge part. But yeah, the episode was overall a setup for the ending. There was even a flashback sequence, and a brief recap of what has happened so far in the series. Pretty good episode, I demand more cuteness! (I'm probably just restless because I should be studying for an exam right now, but eh)
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Awesome episode. It was interesting seeing Ayatsuji finally have a sort of personality slip, exploring ambiguity is just fun in general. This episode did a great job of showing the struggle that Ayatsuji is having. I'm bummed that we're probably never going to see what is in that notebook. However, when Ayatsuji went back into the classroom alone to get something, she was at the desk with a notebook open that looked much like her old notebook, so maybe we'll see that instead. Also there still hasn't been any real explanation for why Ayatsuji is the way she is. At this rate it seems like maybe they're just not going to delve into that and focus more on the Founder's Festival and how Junichi helps Ayatsuji out through her problems. And here are some screenshots from the episode!!!
At the end of the episode where she makes up with the other girls and even cries, it was a strong contrast to when she cried the night before in front of Junichi (last 2 screens to the right). Also when Ayatsuji said, "the girl that wanted to work alone is now gone.." etc. I had a suspicion that Ayatsuji might actually be schizophrenic (or at least alluding to the possibility of such), but that's probably just because I study philosophy and psychology. Ex. What does it actually mean to 'not be yourself'? Is that even logically possible?
Anyways, due to the nature of the show (being based on a dating sim and only featuring 4 episodes per girl), I'm guessing a lot of questions will be left unanswered. We'll see how it wraps up!
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