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Where am I? Where do I go?

Hey guys! I've been busy with school and exams for a while now, but alas today I just finished my last exam! I seriously need some r&r, and after a few hours of having exam withdrawal trying to find something to do now that exams are over. However, eventually after feeling depressed for a while, I realized that I hadn't been exercising. I tested my heart rate, and googled average heart rate, and I was WAY over! So I did some cardio exercise! That really made a big difference. And now I'm feeling a bit better.

Seriously kids (and adults), exercise is important! After exercising for about 20 minutes, I decided on top of what I already plan to do for winter break, I am going to exercise my butt off and eat lots of salad and cereal, and get ~8 hours of sleep everyday! I should probably be sleeping (haha there goes that last part of the plan, but seriously starting tomorrow!)

What the-? Anime?!

Throughout the first semester I've been watching anime on the side. I've stopped worrying about whether I'm "behind" in series, and so I've stopped giving priority to currently airing series. I think now I'm truly watching "what I want to watch", but there's still the nagging feeling that, "you know if I wait too long to watch another episode of this anime, I'm going to lose the story." Oh well. :D As I wrote above, I think I really need to prioritize being healthy. So I don't think I'm going to be very active on the wiki that much anymore. It was fun while it lasted, maybe things will change, but all I can say is that at some point it began to feel like work. And right now I need to "work" on something else. That sounded cheesy... fuck.

Anime I'm watching and comments

Bakuman (1/25 episodes): What the fuck when did I----- Oh right, I started this last week or something because I was in a slump and felt like I needed to start something new, so I watched the first episode. From what I remember it was REALLY AMAZING. Seriously the story is so well presented. The story of a mangaka being inspired by their high school crush.. <3 Oh man, the life on an artist... not even just drawing or painting, but actors, musicians, concert pianists, orchestra members, writers.

Well... when you do that
Well... when you do that

Chihayafuru (9/25 episodes): CUTE, LOVABLE, INSPIRING, EMOTIONALLY ENDEARING... I LOVE IT. <33333 If you haven't checked this out, please do, I can't recommend this enough! You can read my previous blog on Chihayafuru for an introduction to the series. -----Watch episodes for free at

Winry <3
Winry <3

FMA Brotherhood (49/64 episodes): It seems like the series is winding down. I remembering thinking, what could they POSSIBLY do for another 15 episodes?? Haha I guess I will see. Really enjoying it, this and Chihayafuru were the two of the three anime (the third is One Piece) that I kept wanting to watch even though I had so much work to do for school. Considering how much work I do (I swear I'm becoming more and more a nerd, but this isn't the blog to talk about that), that really says how much I'm enjoying those three series. -----Watch episodes for free at

Gankutsuou (22/24 episodes): I've been waiting for the right time to finish watching this series (I plan on watching the final two episode in one sitting), but it hasn't come. I really want to give this anime my full attention, it deserves it. Amazing story, amazing art, amazing characters. I might actually WILL read the classic novel that this anime was based. -----Watch episodes for free at

Kimi to Boku (2/13 episodes): Yep... well what can I say? As I mentioned, I've stopped prioritizing currently airing anime, so I don't care if I'm behind in this series. It an easy-to-watch series, but there are other anime that I want to watch more. -----Watch episodes for free at


Mawaru Penguindrum (11/24 episodes): I'm a little sad that I haven't kept up with this series. This series is very very good, but I feel like I need a clear head to watch it properly. I mentioned before that this anime constantly stretches the limits between dramatic and comedic modes, and sometimes it can be bewildering, especially if you watch it while half awake. So as a result I haven't watched much Penguindrum since September.

Persona 4 Animation (9/25 episodes): It's really great, but it's not amazing. I think I've found my groove with this anime. Before I was too caught up about comparing it to the game, and worrying about it being rushed or choppy, but I think I've come to terms with that. A shoutout to Nick and Kristoffer for doing an amazing job each week with the Amateur vs. Expert column. It is shaping up to be one of the greatest columns to ever appear on anime vice, keep it up I really enjoy the style you guys adopted for the column, and it's really great to read after I watch each episode. -----Watch episodes for free at

I want me some shrimp!
I want me some shrimp!

Invasion?! Squid Girl (7/12 episodes): I had planned on filling out the episode pages for each episode as they aired, but... I KNOW THERE'S NO EXCUSES *cries in corner* I'm enjoying this series, but not as much as I thought I would. It is still a very good series, and I plan on finishing up the episodes at some point, but... as I mentioned at the start of this blog, I need to reorganize my priorities. -----Watch episodes for free at

One Piece (72/???? episodes)

And now for the grand finale! HAHAHAHAHAAA *CHOKE COUGH*... Ahem... I think I finally love this series. I think now I really understand why people love this series SO much, and why it really is one of the best. Great story-telling, amazing characters, an amazing sense of adventure.

"Gya gya haa haa!" - Heidegger (FF7)
"Gya gya haa haa!" - Heidegger (FF7)

I just finished watching episode 72 of One Piece (well about an hour ago now, but whatever). And it really is great. You have Ms. Wednesday being truly worried about her kingdom, Alabasta. Then there's Usopp wanting to a brave warrior of the sea and being inspired by the fighting giants. I love those giants. The way they laugh is straight up hilarious! It's sort of like what I imagine Heidegger (from FF7, not the philosopher) would sound like with his "Gya gya hya hya" laugh, except these giants are lovable, honorable warriors!

I guess next episode we're going to get the confrontation between those upper Baroque Works guys (Mr. 3, Ms. Goldenweek, Mr. 5 and Ms. Valentine) I think I might be missing someone. Oh well, I'm starting to really like Ms. Valentine, how she's like if Mary Poppins became... you know I'm not going to go there. I wonder when we're going to learn more about Ms. Goldenweek, she seems relatively cute and harmless! =D

Final Thoughts, Looking forward

Best wishes everyone I really mean it. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, Christmas, New Years and all that! Even if you still have to work, or still have some days left of school/exams.. I don't care. If you've stuck with me and read this whole blog post, you're okay in my books and deserve my thanks and wishes. Later, and goodnight everyone. *waves*

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