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So... I watched the anime...

Why hello there! I just finished watching Deadman Wonderland. It was alright, I would give it a 7/10. Typical summer action movie/drama stuff. But, since this is not a review, I don't really want to talk about what made this series good or bad.

Watching this anime was a kick to the face, sort of
Watching this anime was a kick to the face, sort of

Some personal background: I am an anime fan, not a manga fan. I have never really liked sitting down reading comics, japanese, american or otherwise. On the other hand I like watching a good anime come together (sound, animation, voice acting etc.) I also never really liked it when people brought up the issue that an anime was unlike the manga. I used to advocate that the anime should be judged on its own, separate from the manga, since after all it is a different medium of art.

However, watching Deadman Wonderland has made me realized a few things about the transition between manga and anime. I am currently reading through the manga (from where the anime left off), and have changed some of the ways I view manga and anime.

Censorship - still sucks

The first thing that really irked me as I watched this series was censorship. Since I support legal streaming, I began watching Deadman Wonderland at After a few episodes I began to notice that the screen was turning black or extremely dark at some points, sometimes for almost a minute at a time. At first I thought, "what the heck, I can't see anything? Is it supposed to be this dark?" Soon enough I smartened up and realized it was censorship. Looking back, I honestly can't believe it took me that long to figure out it was being censored. I mean, they even added bleeps in to replace swearing.

Can't tell if censored or just really dark..
Can't tell if censored or just really dark..

So, I made a decision to *holds breath* watch a fan sub of Deadman Wonderland. Yes, I did it... so sue me. But it was almost unbearable. As I mentioned earlier, a part of why I enjoy anime is because I like seeing all the parts of it come together. That includes animation. And watching it censored means I'm not watching what the creators of the anime intended me to watch. And that is a big no no for me. =\

Anime/manga differences - so this is what people complain about

FoxxFireArt, had recently started watching Deadman Wonderland as well. He mentioned in his Weight to Watch blog, that the series has a non-canon anime finale. So, I kept this in the back of my mind as I watched the series. And now that I have finished watching the series I think I finally understand why people care so much about differences between anime and manga.

Unfortunately, due to money and time, many manga never get made into anime, and even then some anime are forced to end early and are unable to tell the whole story as it was in the manga. I used to not really be bothered by this, and kept telling myself to evaluate anime on its own terms. But this anime changes things! Honestly how could they end the series on that note? The anime wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. It was interesting enough to make me want to find out how the story ends in the manga, dare I say, how it is "supposed" to end.

So.. manga>anime? I still don't care, but

I'm still an anime fan, and I really still don't think it's a good idea to compare manga and anime. At least not in terms of which is "better or worse". Anime offers many things that manga doesn't and vice versa. I just never grew up to read comics and such. But I might start reading manga more now.

I was never one to watch an anime and read the manga it is based on at the same time (as I know some people do). To me it's like experiencing the same story twice, which is another thing I don't like doing. There is already so much anime and manga out there, I barely have time to watch/read a series once!

Until next time, feel free to leave comments or thoughts below.

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