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I usually don't blog about this sort of thing, but this is too cool to share via twitter or other, and it is anime related. Essentially I just want to share this amazing piece by J.S. Bach that I stumbled upon last night. So if you want to cut past my story then scroll down to the embedded videos and enjoy!

So I am currently learning Invention 13 in A Minor by J.S. Bach for Piano. And I've been using the following video recording, here as inspiration to continue practicing this song. Bach's music is just so crazy but once you understand it, is so cool, and you can't stop playing it. In the above video's description, the poster talked about Bach's musical science. So, this prompted me to google "Bach's musical science".

Which led me to this scholarly article comparing Bach to Newton (after another search I found that the author teaches at Harvard). It also cited a few of Bach's works to help illustrate it's overall point. Some of the article gets musically technical, but I enjoyed it for the most part. I appreciated the connections being drawn between Bach, the idea of God and also contemporary musicians, critics and philosophers. The most striking connection I found was between Bach and Kant. Kant himself searched for "pure reason" in philosophy, likewise Bach searched for pure music. I had never thought about it that way before, so that was really cool.

One of Bach's pieces cited in the article is Mass in B minor, BWV 232 "Agnus Dei". Video below:   
 Keep in mind that it would have been performed in a church, during mass. The lyrics are also from the Bible, the first line translating to "Lamb of God, you who take away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us." Listening to this immediately reminded me of Lilium, the opening of Elfen Lied by Kumiko Noma. Video below:   
I really enjoyed Elfen Lied when I watched it a few years ago. But I feel like I should watch it again, since there's probably lots of things I can pick up on and appreciate that I wouldn't have before. And of course there's always the blood, gore, boobs, and psychological horror.

I guess in sum I'm satisfied with what I was able to discover browsing the web last night. I got to read a cool article, find a new awesome old song, and reminded myself of an awesome anime series I'd watched a few years ago. Sweet!
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