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I have never been able to put into words why I dislike battle threads so much until now. It's because underlying all Battle threads is aggression. It puts two characters from two different anime and reduces them to ONE characteristic, their power.

Instead of having Battle threads, why don't we have "Friend threads"? Take two characters from different anime and consider how likely or unlikely they are to become friends, or get along, and explaining why. This would involve a deeper consideration of each character's personality, behavior and psychology, and would NOT reduce each character to just their power.

For example:

  • Fat Buu (after he turns good) and Ash's Pikachu: I think they might make good friends and could learn a lot from each other. Buu is kind of like a big kid who doesn't know his own strength. And Pikachu having traveled for ages with Ash, gained a strong sense of morality and life lessons, could teach a lot to Buu!
  • Saeko Busujima and Nico Robin: They have both suffered in interesting ways, and to a certain extent are both trying to reach out to others and make friends. They are both somewhat on the quiet side also. I think they might develop a sense of respect for each other, each having their own capabilities, maybe developing a sisterly bond. Saeko with her sword discipline and Nico having all that archaeology knowledge.
  • Panty and Revy: Both hot-headed and deadly. They probably would NOT make good friends at all. BUT perhaps if they were faced with a common enemy they could set aside their differences for a few moments, do some good-old kick-assery and in the end form some sort of truce... while still holding each other with some amount of disdain. :D

I think maybe part of the reason Battle threads are getting out of hand is because of the inherent aggression that underlies them. If we flip the switch and start making "Friend threads" I think it could make these forums a lot more warm and enjoyable for everyone. For me at least it seems a lot more fun and positive to consider how two characters might become friends than to consider how they might beat each other up. But again this is just an idea.

Perhaps we could create a new concept page for these "Friend threads" and go from there. If it were up to me I would abolish Battles threads entirely, have Friend threads as a replacement, and put more focus behind discussion threads and encouraging users to post their thoughts about the anime they're watching. But hey this is just an idea, take from it what you will. And as always, enjoy your anime!

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