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Atsuma is hot blooded and quick to react if ever thinking about it.


Here’s a picture of Atsuma but one thing you might not notice is that Atsuma has heterochromia as one of his eyes are violet and the other is green.  



Atsuma along with his friends Makoto and Toya are students at in . At the university, they study to become enchanters, while learning about topics such as the man-made golems that populate the world. Although powerful self-aware golems fought each other and laid waste to the land 1000 years ago during the Golem Wars, golems in the modern era serve mankind.

Toya is Atsuma’s best friend and he wishes to be as good as him one day. Makoto is another one of his friends and is in love with Toya like most of the other girls at the university.

One day, while the three decide to skip class to attend a local festival, an apparent earthquake occurs while Atsuma is battling this girl Yuki in a tent during the festival. Additionally, the golems in the area appeared to have gone berserk and were now attacking people. Rushing back to the university, the three found that things were in chaos, and that the mysterious "sealed ward" had been opened. The Sealed Ward was off limits to everyone for an unknown reason. While seeking to discover what had happened, the group meets up with the Queen of Ice, a Devil Golem sealed long ago. With her immense Ether capability and regeneration power, she overwhelms the three, taking Toya as ice falls on Makoto. Atsuma strikes back, guided by a mysterious voice, using his right arm that turns into something out of the ordinary that could harm a Devil Golem. Atsuma fails to get Toya back.

Atsuma later wakes up in a cell in London City, learning that the Queen of Ice had destroyed Yokohama In the cell he meets a girl named Karin who was thrown in their with him. They escape when Karin’s bodyguard Raigar breaks them out. They reveal that they are part of a resistance movement that opposes King Caliban's plans to revive the Emperor of Fire, another Devil Golem hidden right under the city. In exchange for joining them Atsuma wanted to see what happened to .

After traveling far, they find that is now an icy wasteland. Venturing further in and returning to the university, they encounter Professor Kou, a teacher at the university. He reveals that he was very interested in Atsuma's right arm and started the golem riot to awaken its power, all for the Queen's revival and the restoration of Magic, the greatest technology in existence. Toya, possibly having been mind controlled, is now the Queen's Magicore, the power source and activation device of a Devil Golem. But the Queen turns on Kou, causing the destruction of his lab.

Back in , Atsuma is admitted into the Arsenal, the resistance group and the golem hunter, Yuki, who he encountered in before the golem riot, join him. But after an attack from the London Knights, the arsenal suspected Raigar, who was a former knight and brother of Ooka, who lead the attack. The others looked into the matter and revealed to everyone that the Leader and his giggling companion are collaborators and gave the Emperor of Fire's Magicore to Ooka. Apparently, Ooka and Baron Hartson were conspiring to ruin the king's public image and unleash the Emperor themselves.

With the Queen of Ice's arrival, Karin, revealing had no choice but to merge with the Emperor, for those who have ancient blood can activate and control Devil Golems to some extent. The Emperor of Fire engaged the Queen of Ice in a battle that he ended up losing. Atsuma and his friends battle the weakened Emperor of Fire and Atsuma absorbs him saving Karin.

Hearing of a secret art taught near , the group leaves to go there. After a bit of a scoff in Yuki’s hometown, , they made it, but the Queen had ordered Lord Tokimune, Shogun of Kyoto, to revive the Lord of Earth and thus, they could not enter the city until the next day. They stayed in Iwato village, the home of Sayaka, Raigar's fiancee. They learn that the secret art is taught by the Ascetic Monk, who lives in the , which is accessible from the village but Tokimune has the key to get in. Though he refuses an alliance with , he stubbornly allows them the key. Once they get it, Karin is kidnapped by ninjas, led by Oboro, a former knight.

Rescuing Karin, they confront Tokimune, who was collecting Ether to revive the Lord of Earth, who forbids them to enter the . Getting past Sayaka, blindly bounded to her duty to keep people out, they meet the Ascetic Monk, not exactly the enlightened type. He told them to get a portion of the Lord of Earth's core material in order to master the art of "Gaea". With ease, they succeed. But upon returning to the village it is attacked by ninja, so they again, confront Tokimune who escapes. He is then killed by Oboro who learns the location of the Magicore: inside the Shogun; he is then killed by Toya. They then fought against the near revived Lord of Earth but when he transforms into his full form, Atsuma absorbs him into his right arm.

Strangely, the Lord of Earth's Magicore is drained of Ether, so they seek the help of the Sage, Raigar's teacher. But she rejects them so they wait until she cools down. The Queen of Ice appears to invite them to her ice castle north of Gravekeep Holm. Atsuma is sent into a mental vision where he retrieves a God orb, which was molded into a weapon for him. Raigar learns from the Sage that Atsuma's parents left him as a baby at the base of her tower, so sick that she used the cells of an unknown Devil Golem named Infinity, to save him. She also theorizes how to separate a human Magicore from a Devil Golem; just insert its original one to set the human free.

Arriving at the , the four confront the Queen of Ice in a titanic battle and save Toya. Also, the mysterious man they encountered so many times was actually Makoto. They then fall through the floor, at the base where they saw another golem previously. Atsuma then goes into a vision, back to the time of the Golem War. The mysterious voice then reveals itself as Infinity, who was ordered to reconstruct all matter in the world to the time of the Era of Magic. But he needed tons of Ether to complete his job and is going to absorb Atsuma. Toya and Makoto manage to destroy the parasite controlling him and free Atsuma. But Infinity is reviving and cannot be stopped. Remembering the Monk's words of the opposite of Gaea, "Fury", Atsuma transforms into his half-golem form and combines everyone's enchanting to annihilate Infinity. Their adventure ends with the restoration of and when Makoto kisses Toya much to his displeasure.


Currently Atsuma spends his time at Enchanter University learning more about his arm and skipping classes when he can. Although sometimes he does go on adventures with Makoto and Toya to go visit Raigar, Karin, and Yuki just to say Hi usually he stays around campus bored.

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Date Joined: Dec. 4, 2008
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Points: 2,077 Points
Ranked: Ranked #277 of 45,959
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