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Nice to meet you. My name is Lauren, please call me that. I am 22 years old and I live in England. As you can see my Japanese is not fluent. I used to live there for a year but as I have not been back since 2006 I have forgotten most of my Japanese. I am trying to get back into studying again. 
Sometimes I will write my blog in my very bad Japanese, I would like for you to help correct me and teach me new Japanese. Most of the time this blog will be in English. Please take care of me.

I am a fan of Gia, even though we have only encountered each other online. I do read her blog though and am happy that she is working hard at! There are a few people from here as well, which is nice to see :-) Hi guys!

As you can see in the picture above, I got some presents for Xmas. Nothing super special but a cute bag and the English version of Nana Vol.2 (I already have 1-5 in Japanese) as well as The girl who lept through time DVD. As usual some delicious roast turkey and the full trimmings have been consumed and a rather large amount of cakes and deserts have been stuffed into my belly.

What did you get for Xmas? I hope you got what you were wishing for :-)

On a side note, I would like for your opinions on a small personal blog I run. - I basically keep that site as a hub for all my gaming and hobby related writings. I'd love to hear your opinions on the site.

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