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There are thousands of protesters in New York City entering the third week in their protest. If you don't know, or had no idea this was going on, its alright I live two hour away by bus and had little of an idea until a few days ago. This has to be the hardest spun story in U.S. media I've ever seen. These Occupy Wall st (WIKI) protests are barely mentioned on nightly newscasts because they're protesting against corporations who own most of the media. And what is said is so blatantly misinformation its disgusting. The first night something was said they said there were maybe a few hundred, but at that point it had grown to thousands.

Even the police are part. The NYPD just excepted a "donation" from JP Morgan for $4.6 Million, one of the many companies the masses are protesting against. And some of the officers of the law seem to be taking advantage.

It is some of the grossest abuse in police force I've seen, to walk up and mace a group of unarmed women already behind a barrier and walk away without arresting or saying anything is disgusting. And more than twenty thousand people saw him do that live streamed on the internet. Though things the videos like this have made a group of veteran marines decide they should help the people. I'm not saying every cop acted like that, for every officer Anthony Bologna (the man who used the pepper spray, whose name was found out by Anonymous, and is still under investigation about incidents in 2004), there are dozens of police who are trying hard to do the job right.

Corralling protesters to the Brooklyn Bridge so they can be arrested is not how you go about "doing it right". And it wasn't "dozens", 700 were arrested on the bridge for "obstructing traffic".

The twitter hashtags about these events are mysteriously not trending. In New York. Instead I have a promoted #heresthebeef, followed by things like #meandyoucantdate, and #thingsthatgetmepissed. And the searchable tweets corresponding to relevant searches seems thinner than it was before, despite a growing number of people joining in.

Just the fact that people across oceans in different countries are more aware of what's been happening in past weeks through their own newscasts and live streams is very telling.

I don't think you should worry or panic yet.

There have not been any riots, as far as I can tell in New York about this, and I'm curious, if anyone's heard any of the protesters become violent, or is the brutality one sided? And if you live in the city, what have you heard or seen regarding Occupy Wall st?

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