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These videos have either a Halloween theme or have aspects that would be from a horror movie, except they aren’t at all, and really have nothing to do with either the holiday or the movie genre. So with that being said, there won’t be any Marilyn Manson, even if this was a top spookiest videos and he was there, would I really be trying?

So, in not really any of a particular order:

5. N’sync

Drive Myself Crazy

They’re in an asylum, padded walls and silk jammies, how wonderful. Not like the white monotone one Sarah Conner is in, in Terminator 2 either, or dirty and run down as found in a multitude of movies.


4. Weezer

(IF You’re Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To

Obviously, the entire town is clones of the band, a man loses his arm in a chainsaw accident and another gets plowed with a car. Except in the video, unlike a horror movie where the “outsiders” go into town and discover a shady underworld, the woman who passes through this town is clearly and antagonistic creature, because the clones of the town are celebrating a summer festival and nothing goes wrong until the woman passes by, and eventually gets thrown out.


3. Blur, Song 2. For a small room, those guys sure do get thrown around a lot. And is there a storm brewing? Sounds like that house could be haunted, call you local priest for an exorcism.


2. Bonnie Tyler

Total Eclipse of the Heart

This is creepy enough on its own.  City of the Damned glowing eyes choir, girl wandering alone down a hallway at night, that kid in the chair with the wings… and ninjas, for no apparent reason.


1. Green Day

When I Come Around

You know whats great about Halloween when you’re a kid? Trick or Treating. Walking around the neighborhood, or several neighborhoods going door to door for candy. The one time a year where is it not only ok to talk to and accept candy from strangers, but is encouraged. Clearly this video has the same theme, the band wandering around, those people in the windows are waiting for the little trick or treaters arrival, or awaiting their guests arriving their Halloween party.


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