Astraea (Level 2)

has not been on site for 7 months and couldn't remember password. lol.
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*sob* just watched the last episode. and they didn't manage to get to the acting practice at Tsuruga's place, one of my favourite scenes.  But they've left it open ended so it could continue, god it so needs a second series *prays* (or a good JDrama).
I thought it was a pretty good adaption, except for them cutting out the Moko side plots eg Hio Uesugi, stalking Moko with Maria ; and Ogata's backstory.
They managed to squeeze almost every character in it so far, in as a cameo at the end, plus a shot of Hio with Moko  ^_^
They ended with 'Next Stage Is.....'     a new season i say, or quit teasing.
What will i use my Crunchyroll membership for now , hmm?  the new season stuff they've got so far is uninspiring.
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