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has not been on site for 7 months and couldn't remember password. lol.
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Nov 2009  - Jan 2010
New listings up on amazon for Viz , TKP & CMX
here's what i'm getting so far :***&view=kismet&shelf=list

My god that's 52 volumes i seriously need to cut down. Why do series never seem to end??  ^-^
7 new titles
All My Darling Daughters
Beast Master, Volume 1
Butterflies, Flowers, Volume 1
Jormungand, Volume 1
Karakuriodetto Volume 1
Mad Love Chase Volume 1
Natsume's Book of Friends, Volume 1

out of the lot most looking forward to Skip Beat as always, and Natsume.
Anything anyone is looking forward to?

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*sob* just watched the last episode. and they didn't manage to get to the acting practice at Tsuruga's place, one of my favourite scenes.  But they've left it open ended so it could continue, god it so needs a second series *prays* (or a good JDrama).
I thought it was a pretty good adaption, except for them cutting out the Moko side plots eg Hio Uesugi, stalking Moko with Maria ; and Ogata's backstory.
They managed to squeeze almost every character in it so far, in as a cameo at the end, plus a shot of Hio with Moko  ^_^
They ended with 'Next Stage Is.....'     a new season i say, or quit teasing.
What will i use my Crunchyroll membership for now , hmm?  the new season stuff they've got so far is uninspiring.
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Been refreshing off and on for over two hours to watch Skip Beat 18 and it's still stuck buffering. Where it appears Crunchyroll has blocked or slowed down access to europeans.  Not that i'm bitter or anything ^_^   just very very sad, lol.
As if the slow loading times weren't bad enough. Then there's the region restriction on Natsume Yuujinchou,  which was part of why i signed up along with gintama and skip beat. Stupid me. Wish i hadn't bothered now.
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