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Woo 5000 wiki points! Now I can delete dirty images from the site, ya dirty little bastards.
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Wiki Pages I Added/Wrote

Because I felt like it. =P

Oh, and this does not include episodes, by the way.

1. Naruyoshi Kikuchi
2. Toshio Masuda
3. Tsuneo Imahori
4. Yuji Ohno
5. Mari Yamazaki
6. Ichiko Hashimoto
7. Walther P38
8. Eulenspiegel
9. Tapioca

Like seriously? Nobody even bothered to add the duck? Shame on all of you.

10. Oscar
11. Mahiro Yasaka
12. Cthugha
13. Hastur
14. Yoriko Yasaka
15. Luhy Distone
16. Kumu
17. Reika Nanjounin
18. Owl Man
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