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Female Seiyuus I Like

Even female seiyuus are just as beautiful and sexy as some of the anime characters they provide voice work for. But you probably already knew that didn't you?

1. Megumi Nakajima

I know her through Ranka Lee and, to a lesser extent, Kaede Sakura from Kampfer. She's not as prolific as some of the others on this list, but Megumi definitely wins as the cutest. Mmmmmmm.

2. Yui Horie

Probably the most prolific voice actress I've seen. Have you seen her portfolio? She probably has the longest list of characters voiced in recent years! She has great range too. Oh, and just look at that baby face. Gah...

3. Kana Hanazawa

I once compared her to Nolan North (weird that it was her and not Yui Horie), seeing as she seemed to be in like every single anime for the past few years now (seriously, she was in 90% of the shows I watched between 2010-2011). Cute voice.

4. Minori Chihara

She'll always be Yuki Nagato to me.

5. Ryoko Shiraishi

I recognize her most as Hayate from Hayate the Combat Butler. She's done some work that you might know. Something along the lines of, let's say, uh...Nisemonogatari and SKET DANCE?

6. Rie Tanaka
7. Marina Inoue
8. Maaya Sakamoto

Amazing singer. I think she's the first ever seiyuu I ever recognized. You could say she was kind of part of my childhood; she sang songs for shows like Escaflowne, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Wolf's Rain.

9. Aki Toyosaki

Her smile is definitely her best feature. Other than that, she voiced Momo Deviluke in To Love-Ru, UUUIIIIIHAAARRRUUUUUU!! in Railgun, and more recently, Medaka from Medaka Box.

10. Eri Kitamura
11. Chiaki Omigawa

She looks really good with glasses. Then again, anybody on this list would look 100 times better with glasses.

12. Ai Kayano
13. Miyuki Sawashiro

She has a sexy voice; who better to voice Fujiko Mine than her?

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